Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 8

Media Sandwich Episode 8

This week we've got a couple of surprise guests for your listening pleasure.

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I'll always love the Chris sung intro, but different is nice too :3

Thomas reminds me of Christopher Walken.

EDIT: For people to get on, try Shamus Young from this very site. This seems like his sorta gig.

I would like to second Shamus Young. I personally spend far too much time reading his books, using his blog and watching his show Spoiler Warning. If he had a movie he would have a complete monopoly on my day to day entertainment. Much less probable guests who would be cool are the half in the bag guys.

Edit:Oh and Gavin Dunne would be cool as well.
Edit2: I really do love this show. its one of the few podcasts that i watch more then like one episode of.

Yahtzee uses the circular file for all his mail.

I have to third Shamus and second Gavin Dunne / Miracle of Sound for guest ideas. Gavin might be tricky with the whole from Ireland thing though.

For non-echoed ideas, any of the people behind the two comics on the site would be something of an idea.

Didn't you say you were getting the Nostalgia Chick? I'm looking forward to her.

Get AVGN or Dopefish!

If you're looking for people to bring in for the show, you could keep trying with other Escapist contributors/staff members. Also, you can't go wrong with anyone associated with/contributing to Penny Arcade, Screwattack, Channel Awesome, and Agony Booth.

I'd like to hear Neil Gaiman and Brandon Sanderson... er... rock a sandwich.

ETA: You know what was an awesome show? Touching Evil. Loved that show. FBI agent who's shot in the head and loses some mental faculties (like shame).

Also, God, the Devil, and Bob was great, too. How do people not know about that show?

Nobody ever mentions Nick Frost when they talk about Simon Pegg, which is a shame.


Kevin Smith! He's a media whore (his own words), go for it! Although not sure how non-busy he is.


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