Trailers: Ninja Gaiden 3 - Launch Trailer

Ninja Gaiden 3 - Launch Trailer

I'm actually surprised that you can see the ninja in the trailer.

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I get a little less sure about if I want this game or not every time I see a trailer for it... Oh well, if it's one of the launch titles for WiiU I guess I'll have to get it just to have something to play.

Haven`t played any Ninja Gaiden games before, so I´ve got no idea how this resembles the previous ones.
The trailer itself did look a bit cheesy, especially those texts that appeared.
But then again, it seemed like it had a robotic T-Rex in it. And that`s something alright.

Can't wait for Tuesday, though I'll certainly admit that the trailers they've come up with this time around aren't overly impressive.

This game looks bloody awesome, but will have to sit on a crowded shelf since the DMC HD Collection and Warriors Orochi 3 are coming out too.

Looks fun, but the text barely even made sense.


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