68: Red vs. Blue Makes Green

"You could list a dozen ways Rooster Teeth's little operation in Austin, Texas won't undermine cable's dominance. That's not the point. This comparison illustrates how an indie (not to say 'amateur') sitcom, created in a videogame engine with practically no money or resources, is reliably building numbers that rival the lower echelons of cable TV."

Allen Varney talks to the makers of the breakout machinima hit, Red vs. Blue.

Red vs. Blue Makes Green

Good read. My opinion on RVB is pretty much that it's success is directly related to Halo's success. Imagine if it was done with say... Max Payne (I believe that came out around the same time). It'd be long extinct. Is this a bad thing? I'm not sure - there are a lot of WoW videos/series with the same syndrome, and of course YouTube is home of amateur videos that will invariably make you laugh harder than anything you could pay to see.

Personally I feel RvB may have launched well on the back of the success of Halo, but what kept me watching was the pure fun quality of the acting. The characters enjoyed their roles and that came through in the recording. It gave the series a chemistry many cheap tv shows I have seen lack. The constant slew of in-jokes and back references helped make it stand alone from the original Halo franchise as there were minimal references to the source material these were able to become the true meat of the show.

It`s a shame it has finished.


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