Jimquisition: Konami

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That bit about how people who go around with handhelds don't spend time with systems simply isn't true. I don't think I have any friends or know anyone with a 3Ds or any kind of handheld who doesn't frequently use their at home consoles. This sounds more like something that is an exception only to you/your area. I'm sure people would agree.

Also he dosen't sound racist. It's not that English isn't his first language, you can't understand what he is saying! At all! That's crossing a line. Sure if he wants to be the demonstrator for the game, why not. But putting him as the speaker is just a poor choice that reflects badly on them and makes the conference that much more difficult for the attenedess. If it was just his second language then whatever, but he barely spoke it to the point where you could not understand him.

Oh man the number of awful major game publishers today is just piling up x/.

EA - Assholes
Ubisoft - Dickheads
Activision - Scum of the earth
Konami - Idiots
Square Enix - Retards
Nintendo - Shameless whores
Sony - Lying twats
Microsoft - Bringer of shit
and so on

Start to get to a point where it's easier to name the ones that aren't crap, and the ones that are still actually good could easily be counted on one hand.

I really wish these shitty game publishers could just fuck off as soon as possible. They are becoming nothing but destructive parasites anyway, infecting the market with shitty game after shitty game, doing everything in their power to maintain control and keeping game developers away from selling the game directly to the consumer.

Jim, I'm surprised you did explicitly mention the Suikoden franchise. Konami's treatment of this fan base is not simply frustrating or disappointing. I've never seen a company outright OFFEND a fan base as much as Konami has to that community.

I'm just surprised he didn't rip apart Capcom first. Despite Konami's blunders, they just seem to be a result of massive stupidity whereas Capcom is just pulling dick moves. They're trolling and getting away with it.

It's sad anyway, but you know...

touching up an 11 year old game... there's a sexual innuendo here somewhere

Just popping in to say that this got Jim blacklisted by Konami, just Jim and not destructoid.

Just popping in to say that this got Jim blacklisted by Konami, just Jim and not destructoid.

That article on Destructoid brought me here as well. At least now we know Konami are just as big a group of scumbags as the big players.

So, what's the update?

Well all I can say is I'm not going to buy any konami games for awhile

Konami does drugs...LOL

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