Sine Mora Review

Sine Mora Review

Shooting 'em up in style.

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I really want this game since it looks like a bullet hell shooter and I love those, I hope it comes out on the pc sometime.

That accent.

"Die you son of an ass!" Ha, best dialog bit ever. It does suck that some games still stick by the old credit style for lives though. I know they had a use in Arcades but keeping them just makes a game more frustrating than enjoyable.

Despite my tendencies to become easily frustrated with my games, I'd love to give this a try. Pretty visuals, too.

The idea sounds little bit like Zeit 2. I mean all the time thing etc. but the difference comes from that in Zeit 2 you used your health for rewinding time and some other powerups.

Jodie Smith:
Sine Mora Review

Shooting 'em up in style.

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So, in your feeling, did the "enemies lost in the background" seem like a good thing or a bad thing? Basically, is it the intentional, "Haha! You thought I was just a tree!" or is it just a cluttered "We're all the same color here! Good luck!" kind of thing?

"Sine mora" means "without delay." I'm not quite sure if it has any relevance.

BTW, it's pronounced "seene", being Latin.


It's more along the lines of "Crap! Crap! There's so much going on! Where are those bullets coming from? Crap!"
Overall, it's a good thing cause it makes you keep your eyes peeled. There's never a moment where you really can't spot them, it's just in all the mayhem and stuff going on in the background you can lose track of where they're all coming from.

Good Review, If Microsoft ever port this to Windows I'll definetly be grabbing it, looks like one of my favourite scrolling games Platypus. The time mechanic I imagine would work insanely well in a "bullet hell" type shooter for those of us who aren't used to playing whilst hooked up to a caffeine iv drip.

The galaga reference I don't get though.

See if I were to ever get an Xbox, it would only be for XBLA., for games like this. It just looks so damn pretty compared to most shoot-em ups on the PC.

Fuck. I swear I was working on making this game. Shit. Well, it's not too strange somebody thought of something this basic and to be fair this game looks fucking amazing, better than anything I could ever shit out.

Looks fun and stylish...but I'll stick with Touhou

Jodie Smith, great review. I admit I was one of the people complaining you were difficult to understand in your last review, but you have really slowed down your speech and were much better to listen to.
I hated saying that in a previous post because you really do give good reviews!
Keep up the good work :)

Holy crap! Some of the attacks look so Touhou-ish! I think I'm gonna like this game. *-*

Credits to a shmup are just as important as a healthbar in a fighting game. Its the yardstick that players of the genre play by to challenge themselves as the crux of the genre is perfect play in beating the game with a single credit or getting the highest score.

Its a shame that most ppl dont understand that some of those old "throwback" mechanics are what makes the game enjoyable in the first place, its just that the gamer isnt making use of the system in the correct way.

A shmup without any challenge in it is like a puzzle game with no puzzles

"Sine mora" means "without delay." I'm not quite sure if it has any relevance.

Makes sense to me as the the time limit mechanic requires that the player kills constantly and efficiently. Was she pronouncing it right? I was saying Sine as in road sign or sin/cos/tan.

I don't have much experience with bullethell games or shootemups and don't consider myself to be a big fan of either, but I picked up Sine Mora as an experiment and am enjoying it very much.

I want to express to those who may be interested how very accessible the lowest difficulty of this game is...I'm rather surprised that this review essentially criticized the difficulty level because I found that there is an incredible spectrum of challenge....this may be one of the most positive things that I can say about the game. The extreme difficulty is there for anybody who wants it, (and seriously, it can be absurdly difficult if you want it to) but I don't think anybody will have trouble seeing the story mode through with a little bit of patience.

The story mode allows you to start off at any chapter you've reached, and new chapters can be unlocked no matter what starting point you choose. This means that getting a game over never means going back too far if you don't want it to. I played through the game in this manner, and got maybe 2 or 3 game over's, then was able to play through the entire story (on the lowest difficulty) start to finish without much difficulty.

That said, I don't think I would recommend the game unless you plan to continue playing after that. While playing through the story is enjoyable, it's only a couple hours long and imo, the game is not worth the 15$ unless you're really gonna test your metal.

The more she complained about the difficulty the more interested I became in the game.

Interesting 'grasshopper manufacture' didn't they have something to do with No More Heroes? I swear the only reason I want an Xbox360 is for all the XBLA games that don't show up anywhere else.

Not sure why people are discussing bringing up the reviewers voice/accent (one of the Carolinas?) when quite a few of the other reviewers have accents as well...

What's wrong with the Accent, y'all? We southern Americans purposely speak like that to convey undertones and understatements. And I love hearing it on the Escapist :)
(And if Ms. Smith blows me away by saying she's not a southerner, then go figure lol)

I'm a big fan of scrolling shoot-em-ups, and Sine Mora definately looks like it caters to that crowd, but it all looks extremely too technical for my tastes. I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass.

"Sine mora" means "without delay." I'm not quite sure if it has any relevance.

First time I thought this was a case of "japanese games that have no idea what the title means", as you said, it's latin for "without delay", "mora" being a recurrent term in Law School ahahah
BUT it does make sense... The game worls around the concept of time, you don't die you see, you "run out of time". Basically, you start a stage with a given amount of time, for instance 30 seconds, now that's the time you have to reach the first checkpoint, however, it's impossible to just do that. You HAVE to kill enemies, because doing so gives you more time, and every time you get shot you lose time, which makes the shooting pretty interesting, since you can allow to get shot if the time rewarded will be worth it. Every time the counter reaches zero, getting shot or not, you blow up and are taken back to the checkpoint. Every time you are taken back to a checkpoint, THEN you lose a life, if you reach zero lives it's game over...


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