Feed Dump: Commentary All Stars

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Commentary All Stars

Join some old friends in this week's very special episode of Feed Dump.

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Feed Dump: The best reason to be up at 9 during spring break. Also, Morgan!

Bring Back Morgan!

my mind has just been blown!
and then we need to throw Kate in the mix and there is comedy GOLD!

Congrats Graham: the adjective you used has probably destroyed the entire Nepalese festive hat industry. How do you live with yourself?

Yay, Morgan's back out of the cornfield for a whole episode of Feed Dump.

I guess hes probably back in the cornfield by now.

Holy shit it's Brad and Morgan! Missed them. :D Hopefully we see them again soon.

Also, Graham, what the hell was that hat?

Oh god! I nearly shit out my Colon laughing at the colon shitting.

Farmersonly.com has more that 200,000 people now? Man, I need to check my profile again!

*winks at Morgan*


More laughs per minute than New Zealand has orcs per square mile.



On my interwebs? Time to take my medication.

HOLY CRAP!! MORGAN!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...He looks like a Beatle =D

Morgan's alive?

Well I suppose he was just being kept in the LRR Cryogenic chambers. Just like Tim. And Toast.

Lately I've been going back through the Whatever Thing videos, so seeing Morgan in Feed Dump has just sort of blown my mind.

It's also nice to see Brad again, I really liked his contribution to the Dante's Inferno GPLP.

Of course, Kathleen is funny as ever.

It was nice to see Morgan after I don't even know how long. But my favorite part of the episode wasn't anything that the Dump Crew said. It was the story about the athlete having Borat's national anthem played after winning. That is just so incredibly hilarious and yet sad.

Whoa, Brad and Morgan?! Now we just have to get Bill back in a video!

Also, wtf is with those glasses Morgan is wearing... and feathers?

Whoa, Brad and Morgan?! Now we just have to get Bill back in a video!

Also, wtf is with those glasses Morgan is wearing... and feathers?

All my sentiments in one comment.
I call time for an episode of Loading Retro Run.

ZOMG, Morgan! You must do 50 videos now, while he's still there! CH, LRRcast, TGWP, CP, GPLP, he needs to catch up!
Also, poor that other guy, everyone's so excited for Morgan they're forgetting whatever his name was.
Nah, just kidding, Brad was awesome in GPLP, please do more!

uproarious as always, Dr's Feed Dump!

Yay, extra special surprise guests! Hi, Brad! 'Ello, Morgan!

It's like you never left *sniff*.


Okay, on the farmers with dial-up modems, it's not that they're too poor to afford broadband or that they're unable to understand the benefits of upgrading. It's that the vast majority of farmers are physically unable to get cable or DSL due to the cable and phone companies unwillingness to lay miles and miles of cable for a handful of houses. I know this, because I grew up in the middle of nowhere and had to deal with rabbit ears until we finally got satellite in the early aughts.

There's not a time of the day when I don't say "I have a cool treat for you after you are done with that hot one." Well played.

Glad to see Morgan and Brad back, even for just an episode.

It was awesome to see Brad and Morgan again. (I've been watching the LRR channel on YouTube so I had been wondering what happened to him).
Also, the section on the Marijuana Vending Machine cracked me up. Also that sounds very much like us NZ'ers.

Oh my god, it's Morgan! Nice to see you, man!

Also, the Canada/Christmas tree thing is amazing.

Our home an- oh...

Distorted Stu:

I am SO borrowing that image for some of the other forums I visit. You would not believe the spittake inducing stuff that's come up.

Not as spittake inducing as the thought of a horse shitting its own colon, but still...

Aesthetical Quietus:
Also that sounds very much like us NZ'ers.

Is it weird that as a person living in New Zealand, I have never heard of that story until watching it just now? Or is that just because I tend to avoid drugs and the use thereof as much as humanly possible?

Gonna join the "OMGIZMORGAN" crew on this one. Good to see him back.


Where did he go...

Who are all these strange people?

They were awesome...just surprising.

And one does not simply vend into Mordor, and a vending machine dispensing hobbits.

oh, and Technology burn!!!

Kathleen totally dominated this show, IMO.

I'm pretty sure that hat was designed just in case it ever snows in Jamaica.

I hope it was not intentional that Kate said ".. only one of them sleeps with people that look like this" ... and then camera switch to Morgan! :P

While it was great to see Morgan I was a bit disappointed it wasn't for another cooking episode.

Whoa, Brad and Morgan?! Now we just have to get Bill back in a video!

Also, wtf is with those glasses Morgan is wearing... and feathers?

I'd like to see Bill again too, but he's probably too tall for Feed Dump.

Two things
1)More Cam please
2)All the colors on your hat made it super fapable

Hee hee...a Whatever Thing reference. I thought there would be one if Morgan was around.

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