Escape to the Movies: Wrath of the Titans

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Wrath of the Titans

Not quite as immediately forgettable as the first one.

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A month or two from now, all anyone will remember from this review is
"Anchorman Two"

Will probably go see it anyway. Liam Neeson alone is usually a good reason to see a movie.

Except for that version of Les Mis.

And "Anchorman 2?" REALLY? Come on that movie did not deserve a sequel. One or two funny moments at most.

Oh I didn't know you like Anchorman, that's good to know.

Yeah I never heard of the sequel until I saw it days ago. Class of the Titans really is a forgettable film (well I remember it being a poor remake version of the original film).

The Raid looks ridiculously awesome violence in plenty,wish I could sit down and watch it with my dad :)
Too bad life is getting busier by the day for me.

At least they have Titans in this one. I never understood why they called the other one clash of the titans, since we never actually see any Titans, nor do we see any clashing.

Never saw Clash of the Titans, doubt I'll see wrath. Same goes for Anchorman.

The Raid part would be worth it just for an MST3K riff on it.

Yes, the unfunny antics of WIll ferell definitely counts as all being right with the world.

I wasn't going to go watch that movie anyway so...

I DESPISED the first with unbelievable amounts of Nostalgia fueled hate. I know the original was as camp and cheesy as free dairylea at the YMCA but for the love of the gods the new one just made no sense! Not to mention 2/3rds of the characters were pointless and/or annoying. I liked the action, the 3 witchs scene was good and Liam Neeson as Zeus is something I can believe as actual fact but... AAARRRGGGHHH I JUST HATED IO SO DAMN MUCH!!!

I know im just being abit of a fan boy but there are things you don't do and changing the Medusa scene is one of those things. If this film disregards the first I might give it alook, the monster fights look pretty badass.

Ack, I didn't know Mirror Mirror was a Tarsem film. Oh, Tarsem...I absolutely adored The Fall; why do you have to keep making such terrible other movies so I can't call myself a fan?

Oh, I guess this review was about Wrath of the Titans. Good thing I was never interested in it.

It is just too bad, The Raid showtimes page has states, but not countries.

It tells something about the Wrath of Titans when the most memorable thing about its review, is ANOTHER movie.

Serioulsy, that clip of The Raid was the definition of epic.

Ok, that beatdown at the end of that "raid" teaser....I was wincing and going "ow, ow, ow" when I saw each hit...>_< Just....Ouch...that looks painful...

Oh man, the Raid, been following that for a good while now. Glad it's finally out :)

Clash of the Titans was so laughably bad, makes me want to avoid this one.
I just hope Anchorman 2 doesn't get "sequel-ized" and is as funny or better as the first. Watched the shit out of Anchorman back in high school.

On "Wrath of the Titans" Might drop in over the weekend, need some unwind time. Also, why is it that I find females in armour rather alluring? and not the shitty power armour crap. Just saying.

On "The Raid", that looks like a standard friday night down at my local, except without the choreography. But thanks for tip on its existance Bobby boy.

On "Anchorman 2".................................phhhhhhhh.

On Wrath of the Titans. Wait Perseus had much of a personality in the first one?
On the Raid. So the trailer promises a bunch of action and fighting scenes, just like Wrath's trailer did.

On Anchorman 2 "I love lamp.
On Detention. Probably not going to see it anyway, but I'll rent it sometime from somewhere.

Thanks for reminding me of The Raid, totally forgot about it.

Sorry to disappoint you, Bob, but I consider it a matter of personal integrity that I HAVE NOT seen the Clash of the Titans remake. It was clearly a naked cash grab of a film most people have seen on TBS and still manages to stand on its own for the most part, despite being 30 years old. The only other movies that I can give that nod to are the Star Wars films and Jaws. No other movie from that long ago really sticks in my head that way.

The only things that had a plus vibe for Clash Remake was Liam Neeson and Sam Worthington. Everything else was blah to "Oh, FFS!" as far as I'm concerned.

While you CAN make a remake and make it good, Hollywood seems to be suffering from the Michael Bay affect when it comes to remakes these days.

Anchorman 2, huh? My brother will like that.

As for Wrath, I don't know. Maybe I'll go see it, but I'm not exactly sold on it.

Okay, please tell me I wasn't the only one who looked at the The Raid teaser footage and thought, "Wow. World of Warcraft is a lot more hardcore than I remember."

I'll go see 'The Raid' just for the sheer novelty of seeing a man dribble another man's head down a wall like a basketball!

I am so looking forward to The Raid, or the Raid Redemption as its now known for some reason. I love the way that when people get shot all to fuck that the camaera doesnt pan away. Awesome! Looks to be the best film out the Indonesia for ages

I don't remember Clash, but I do remember my thoughts on it. I watched it on a plane, and afterwards I felt that my time would have been better spent looking out the window at clouds for 3 hours.
I'm glad the sequel is apparently better, but there's no way I'm gonna see it. Maybe the next time I'm on a plane...

Well, for me, the most memorable aspect of this review was DuckTales, Battle of Olympus, AND Athena all in the same review.

Well, that and final confirmation (thanks to the Raid) that my tastes in movies are a lot different than Bob's. I don't consider this a negative though, I enjoy the reviews even if I don't agree with them. It's good entertainment. (Often moreso than the movies would be themselves.)

Good review Bob, thanks for reaffirming the unfair spot judgement I made of Wrath after seeing a single 30-second commercial spot. (And yes I mean that, I'm not proud of my sarcastic jaded cynicism.)

I'll probably see this. Yeah, I'm sure its gonna be more of a generic action movie, but it will be nice to see some titans that, you know, ARE ACTUALLY TITANS!!

Seriously, I watched immortals and, as huge Greek mythology buff, I had to restrain myself from throwing something at the tv. It was a decent action flick as far as the general movie went, but as for the mythology, I think that might of been the worst movie I've seen as far as ruthlessly butchering the source material. I'm sure this movie won't do it as bad as immortals.

Now, rant over, I enjoyed the remake of clash. Yeah the original was better, but it was a decent action movie that did its job as entertainment, so this will probably be the same. Also, I need to see some actual Greek mythological monsters, not some guy wearing a bull shaped helmet.

Sorry about my rant, I needed to get that out of my system

I also don't like how "It looks like a video game" automatically means it looks bad. When I saw Monsters vs. Aliens on Blu-ray, I said it looked like a video game, because it didn't look pre-rendered, it looked like the characters were moving free and spontaneously, like you see in... some video games... yeah.

Does anyone know if the Raid movie is in english? Or is it subtitled?

It doesn't particularly bother me, but the people I would bring with me wouldn't be able to handle a non-english movie.

I hated the Clash remake. It's one thing to remake a cult classic by ignoring most of it. It's a whole other thing to remake a cult classic while actively shitting on the original. It felt like two 15-year-old XBLA douchebags had been told to rewrite the script of the original and they not only excised anything that was "faggy", they actively called it out. I wasn't even that big a fan of the original, but the remake seemed to bring together every current movie trend I despise in one film, including, being forced to watch it in 3D.

I'm resolved to never watch a film based on Greek mythology where Hades is portrayed as Satan ever again. Though Immortals was bad too. A gorgeous-looking movie with a really stupid script.

Time to track down a screening of The Raid.

I saw the first one and thought 'this looks awful effects wise' and then thought 'wow this was a pretty rubbish film'. The effects still look bad on this. Just the how visual thing is boring

I have no plans for seeing this. The other Snow White looks good though

Hm. The Ori from Stargate got their power trough prayer and belief too =3.

Does this mean that we can give up a certain shelled movie now since director Jonathan Liebesman has given us more eh film making? Some people said don't give up on Turtles until you see how he revives the Clash of the Titans franchise so his revival skills don't seem that great.

A month or two from now, all anyone will remember from this review is
"Anchorman Two"

Really? I for one will certainly never forget that MovieBob recommended a movie with Dane Cook in it.

I'd probably bother watching it if they explained why Hades would want to release Cronus... I should imagine releasing your paranoid and insanely powerful father would be counter productive to getting your godly powers back, especially considering that to even take the titans down in the first place the Olympians needed help. After being imprisoned, the scorned Cronus would release his comrades, beat down and imprison his now weakened children and restore the Golden Age of man...

Now I'd watch that movie.

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