70: Pattern Recognition

"To most of us, this is not rocket science. We've all probably used the 'before games, it was X' line to defend ourselves - our career, our pastime, our creative output - at social and family functions where we've come under attack for our 'connection' to games. I sometimes joke that this has been going on since prehistoric man, with cavepeople shielding their young from horrible attacking saber tooth tiger cave paintings."

Jason Della Rocca asks just what it is we're protecting the children from.

Pattern Recognition

I don't imagine we'll ever break out of the pattern. I can see myself in the future when I get older not understanding whatever happens to be popular with the kids and saying alot of "back in my day" quotes. In fact, I'm already like that.

I might be going a little too doomsday with this statement.

I think that the process is speeding up. I think that the increase in the rate of new technology is going to create new media platforms rapidly and the groups of people who make up a "generation" will become smaller and smaller. I will have trouble understanding the people born at the other end of my decade, much less the next one. I think eventually it will hit a limit where everything breaks down at once and people are forced to rethink things as a whole.


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