Unskippable: Knight's Contract

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The whole time I couldn't get over him pulling an arrow through his breast plate. I mean, really guys? How did he even pull that out? How did it get there in the first place? What kind of crazy steroids are these archers on?

heavy crossbows can punch right through plate mail.

In fact, that was the point.

As for better one-liners for Gravely Scythe-wielding Guy, the writers could've even gone with a clichéd "You won't kill me that easily".

That mouth-for-a-head zombie looks kind of like the Headsprouter from Timesplitters.

Mad Hamish:
I thought that the little guy was a kenku (or tengu) at first, but I guess it's just a mask.

Also did anyone else notice that the first two zombies are the exact same? The same model is used and they didn't even bother to change the textures.

Sush! you're not supposed to notice that, your mind should still be on crotch bow man!

something about the whole execution thing doesn't seem to look like they were reverred...

Yeah, it felt really weird to have the narration telling us the women were revered for aiding the people while showing them being crucified and beheaded.

As for the big guy, even if he's immortal, why the hell did he just stand there while the zombie slowly shambled up to him and shoved a hand through his chest? I mean, really, doesn't that at least hurt? And even if it doesn't, what's the point of letting it happen anyway? Just chop the zombie up before it gets that far. It's not like it moved to fast for him to react.

And as for the executioner... Yeah. "Gee, a blood-red glowing magic circle is forming centered around me. I'd better stand right here in the middle of it and not move!"

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