Directionally Challenged

Directionally Challenged

The things you find by being lost.

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Yeah, I can sympathize.

I can't go more than two seconds without checking a map in-game. Because I am a dumbass and have no idea where the hell I'm going. Even if it's just a straight line, I bring up the map to make sure I'm going the right way.

Games used to have mini-maps on-screen at all times, which really helped me. But for some reason those seem to have gradually stopped appearing in games. It was hell trying to navigate Fable 2 and 3, though those games had that glowing trail which helped me get on track. Well, when it didn't glitch out, disappear, or point in the wrong direction.

I really wish more games would just put a mini-map on-screen at all times. It'd really help.

I personally feel i have a great sense of direction, if i may say so <.< .
I usually know my north, south, east and west and usually know where on the map I am (both ingame and in real life).

I too have a terrible sense of direction. However, I kind of like that about myself. If I seriously need to figure out where I'm going, I can do it with some effort, but there's something that feels so adventurous about wandering around and having NO idea where you are or where you're headed. This has proven true for me in both real life and vidjya games. Actually, I find that once I've seen all there is to see of an area or can pretty much figure my way around by sight, there's a certain sense of wonderment and magic that's lost. Once in a great while I'll actually go driving in a place I've never been before just to capture that feeling.

I have a great sense of direction in games, perhaps it is just because I remember landmarks incredibly well. It has saved my ass more than once in Minecraft, Skyrim, and other open world games.

In the real world it is more hit and miss. Mostly because there is to much in the way to choose a decent landmark.

You know what's even worse? I have friends who can't even read the in-game maps.

What's really scary about this is that Durham isn't all that big. Well, it wasn't when I lived there 25 years ago. I guess that's been a while. *mumble*

I like wandering as well. Being able to explore has always been one of my favorite parts of a game. It's so much more exciting when you're being chased by red skulls. Enjoy...


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