71: So You Want To Make A Fansite

"Everyone is the world's foremost expert on something. This one fact is the cornerstone of much of the internet. How else do you explain elaborate web pages devoted to everything from shoelace tying to Slurpees? If you're reading this, though, chances are your expertise falls in the realm of some sort of obscure videogame that only earns you derision when you bring it up in polite company. Not to worry; the internet is there to indulge your obsession and let you actively share it with the world."

Kyle Orland approaches the most democratic of all forms of game writing: the fansite.

So You Want To Make A Fansite

Oh man, fansites. The nostalgia I got from this article alone....

Fan sites are where most online game communities come from. The real ones, I mean, the worthwhile ones that have intelligent people who bother with the site, and a high signal-to-noise ratio.

The worst part of making a fansite is the competition between sites. Unfortunately in the world of fansites the webmaster that is willing to be cut-throat will come out ahead. Fans don't care who does the hard work as long as they reap the rewards. Content theft will be a big issue.

The other hard lesson I learnt was that the public relations/marketing department of game companies are filled with people who would put used car salesmen to shame. While making your fansite they will appear to be your best friend but watch your back with them. Your labour of love (your fansite) is just a tool for them to help increase sales.


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