Wonder Woman Manlier Than Superman?

Wonder Woman Manlier Than Superman?

The guys are, admittedly, attempting to troll.

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I should be glad that Chris didn't start quibbling over terminology as well. For starters, can Kal-EL be considered manly when he's not even human? Not even a little bit. Full-blooded Kryptonian

Doesn't that presume that masculinity is an inherently human trait?

I love the way Chris says Kyle, cracks me up every time.

My recommendation for debate is Fun games versus Serious games
(the weird colourful worlds/characters of the 80s/90s VS the "realistic" worlds/characters of modern games)

I'd like a part 2 of this, Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine (as we're debating this on those traits) Lol. :)

That said, this would have been funnier if you saved the trolling admission until the end of the segement rather than saying "we're trolling you" which made the whole outcome predictable because it wouldn't have been funny if Superman had won. :)

Girliest Male Superhero. Do want.

Girliest Male Superhero. Do want.


I would tweet you this idea if I could recall your username:

Best James Bond: George Lazenby vs Timothy Dalton (whoever argues for Lazenby better bring it!)
(although didn't some of you say you haven't watched the JB films?)


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