Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 10

Media Sandwich Episode 10

This week the guys get a very Cracked special guest.

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ok, lets see what media sandwiches up too this time.

Oh man, such a great episode this week. You guys are awesome.

i love DOB and i love cracked great episode i couldn't stop laughing at the end i thoguht it was a great question!

Wow. There were a couple slumps in there but that episode was totally worth listening to the entirety of. But now I have to see/hear/read the dick machine sketch!

Hey guys! I'll tell you you're famous and my friends know who you are too. If you ever go north I'm not too far into Washington.

It's a shame so many people still have such an antiquated idea of Superman as a character. He's so much more than "a nice guy who's invincible."


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