Space Janitors: Episode Two

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Episode Two

Breaking up is hard to do... especially when you're in the same social group. Darby tries to win back his android ex-girlfriend with a sudden change of career.

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I have been looking forward to this way more than I thought I would, great show. hopefully there will be a shorter wait until the next episode.

I liked episode 1 much more than this one.

I thought it was good, keep it going.

Also burst out laughing at the "milk is gross" fit.

Not particualarly funny, but definately some interesting characters.

I await the next episode :D

Milk: the Android's greatest weakness!

I can`t believ how well produced this is. Great episode. Looking foward for the next one.

I'm getting a serious Dark Star vibe here. That's not a bad thing.

The whole scene where the Squall trooper comes in to pick up Darby for training just kills me.

That was fun. I find the idea of social groups interesting. Not as something mandatory of course, that would be retarded. But it's definitely a good idea to suggest people to join a social group based on their psych evaluation.

Much improved from episode 1. All of the characters are interesting, and the Milk incident was funny. Good work.

The doctor sabato thing... That's an actual program from the eighties, isn't it? :D

Excellent show guys, don't keep us waiting so long for the next one!

Definitely enjoyed this! Best new show on the Escapist in a while, new episode sooner please.

Lovin' it! Lovin' it! Do want more!

"Oh, yeah, I know this thing. It'll shock you, right?"


"Oh, no man, it'll blow you up!"

This show is gold.

The dotctor sabato thing... That's an actual program from the eighties, isn't it? :D

Close, Dr. Sbaitso. It was a little demo app distributed with Sound Blaster cards in the 90s, a voice synthesizer hooked up to an ELIZA clone.

Sabato seems smarter. Someone find out what happens if you swear at him.

Susan Arendt:
The whole scene where the Squall trooper comes in to pick up Darby for training just kills me.

Now we know why henchman aim is always so poor; they spend all their time creating fearsome war dances.

This show is pretty good; it's nice to see something with high production values on the Escapist, and the characters seem pretty interesting. That said, bring back Tales from the Table for a second season! You can't leave that show as it ended!

A computer psychologist seeing a psychologist computer.

Also: Why did the Empire think that that guy was a good source of DNA for their cloned army?


Funny show, too bad it comes out so rarely.

The real sad thing, waiting so long for this! HA!

Awesome and well done. Can't wait for the next one!

Wow. Great production values, likable characters and a genuinely interesting premise. Plus there was a good amount of pop culture references, too many and it would have become an all out parody of the genre.

Can't wait for the next episode. Best thing on the Escapist since Doomsday Arcade.

You had me at "Rebel's Advocate".

There's promise here. The acting is very good all around. I hope this balances out to a good spread of story between characters. A Seinfeldian balance of comedy to all of the characters would make me very happy. Darby's ladder climbing is the main backbone for story, but it is going to have to move quickly or get twisty to stay interesting.

New tastebuds vs. milk was excellent. Battle scene needed better dialogue and seemed a little forced/wooden. But I guess that's a difficult rope to walk with so much green screen and one guy doing 4 parts. Keep up the good work.

I am ... honestly surprised that this turned out so ... neat.

Not the greatest but not the worse.

The opening joke WAS funny and that's the problem... It was the funniest thing in the episode and it came first; Not a good idea.

Also I didn't like the stormtrooper bodies with Master-chief heads... Smacks of little effort.

This is so ridiculously stupid... I love it. XD

Susan Arendt:
The whole scene where the Squall trooper comes in to pick up Darby for training just kills me.

I gotta agreed, I nearly dropped my laptop laughing.

OT: Definitely showing a lot of promise guys! Keep up the amazing work!

Great ideas but the jokes in the first was better and it's waaaay to long in between the episodes...
plus whilst interesting and quite fun the best joke was in the beginning.. And the trooper was great at being annoying....

Enjoyable. Definitely higher production values than I was expecting and I dig the addition of the two ladies. The actress who plays L seems to have really hit her stride on this one, probably the most convincing of everybody there. Edith is a joy to look at, but I'm not sure she's found her character yet.

I hope the women turn out to have some real character flaws at some point though. Right now they're sweet, smart, empathetic, unselfish and unshallow. It's hard to empathize with characters quite so inhumanly good, regardless of their profession or species. Darby on the other hand is endearing for his failings, even if some of the line reads are less than perfect.

It was good, but I think it works better in shorter pieces like episode 1. And maybe that would make for a shorter wait between episodes?

Episode 1 was pretty okay. This one is really fun though. The only part that got me to actually laugh was the milk bit, but the story seems interesting so it's got me hooked.

I liked the little touches, like the Trade Mark next to friends :)

I personally felt the comedic timing was a bit... stilted, and it didn't hold my interest. I'd suggest more frequent, punchier episodes that had fewer, tighter jokes - but then some people seem to enjoy it well enough as is.

The acting wasn't bad at all and the special effects were fine for this level of production. I just wish it didn't take so long between episodes so we could see the production and acting progress as much as the plot and characters.

Fabulous. Also, Evany Rosen <3...

For serious!

Just show me where I can get one of those training uniforms!

Enjoyed immensely! Keep it up!

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