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Jonny Three

J-fresh returns to prove that, the more people change the more ... something. I forget.

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Jonny drives a mirco van now?

Nooooo! J-man, what have they done to you!

A moment of silence for the demise of one of the greatest characters of lrr.

Older, more mature, still an idiot.

Remember, kids. Don't freeze beets.

I miss younger J-Fresh, but this cool as hell, funny as hell with the misleading points only to be corrected with safe translations. So what kind of theme park ride would the Ubder-keg Supreme be?

So... He's like that sober too? Or was that the massive brainy brain brain trauma from the blacking out talking?

oh man, I think he's even funnier this way!

Oh god help us when we reach Jonny five. but still. nice progression. cant wait to see old man Jonny, the most badass most awesome pensioner in the land. If he hadnt spent all his pension on that project him and T-dawg started to turn every single book they owned into a form of gram cracker.

Jonny transforms into Story Guy!

The progression of J-Fresh is awesome. Nicely done. And nice to see Andy and Presidentbarackobamaalloneword in the shot too.

So is Jonny's crippling fear of heights the reason for his first blackout too, since that happened right when he jumped from the roof?

J-man: so awesome, he can blackout while sober...

Lay down that fresh J-pop indeed.

I can't wait for number five. Will that prove that Jonny... is alive?

Need to see James have kept that pug well fed. :p

Oh, Maker! Stop! Stop with the funny! I can't take it!

I always thought Jonny would turn out to be story guy, hopefully he makes a return regularly now.

Love it... but will we ever see Jonny FIVE?

So Jonny 1 was like this >----------<, Jonny 2 was like this >-----< and I think Jonny 3 was somewhere around >--------<. If the ballad of Jonny not-yet-five ends here I'll be kinda sad, if only because we will have lost the world's greatest and least comprehensible felon.

Wait...if I know my like this like I know my J-Fresh...Jonny, get out of that building now!

Damn; Jonny parties harder while sober than I do while drunk AND he knows more about the proper storage of beets. I'm feeling very inadequate.

Also, if I see another "Johnny 5" joke I swear to God I'm gonna short circuit.

Dinosaurs are gnarly as hell. High five!
You know, J-fresh is starting to look like Story guy, with that vest. Could it be that this is Story Guy: Origins? What a twist that would be.

Hey.... I know that vest... so Jonny will be... that is AWESOME!!

Older, more mature, still an idiot.

Remember, kids. Don't freeze beets.

Don't freeze beats either. It does some damage to the headphones.

I can't tell, did they make the Under Siege mistake on porpoise?

Edit: Oh wait, nevermind, 'twas on porpoise after all!

i would love it if next episode he was telling a story very softly, politely and carefully while doing something that might be defusing a nuclear bomb.

Jonny transforms into Story Guy!

This! Jonny should slowly transform into story guy over the course of hopefully continuing series. Slip in a KAF reference Graham, you know you want to.

I loved the bit about the concessions. And of course the blackout.

At first I thought "He doesn't sound nearly as drunk this time..."
Imagine my surprise when I realized that was how it was supposed to be. This was an interesting little arc. Best part is that it actually makes sense with J-dood-bro's personality.

Also... kind of cute how you had Andy cuddling a Spot look-alike. I just learned about Spot through the wiki and now I'm on the lookout for him whenever I watch your videos.

I guess now you need more Dinosaurs on the show. That would only increase the awesome factor to levels we mere mortals can only hope to comprehend.

Damn right you don't need to tell us about paulie!

Now get off the wagon. Station wagon, it seems.

I saw Andy in the background and through the entire video I thought.
"Yay Andy!"

I think Johnny was supposed to be tired and not drunk... but he still sounded drunk.

I think we need to hear the story of what on Io made Jonny go sober. Maybe that should be #4.

I... I really don't... wow. That was amazing. The last two Johnnys, the douche factor just turned me off, but a "reformed" Johnny who is still just as ignorantly annoying, and uses himself as the most awesome being in the universe in order to reform him is... amazing. Kudos.

Also I want to see ALL the bloopers. ALL.

He is going to slowly transform into Story Guy isn't he? It's a metaphor for life.

The vest returns! Hurrah!

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