Unskippable: Yakuza 4 - Part 2

Yakuza 4 - Part 2

The ongoing adventures of Japan's slowest paced gangsters.

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Glad you guys said what you said at the end of the vid.
I don't think I want to put up with any more of this game.... -_-

Sega has done an outstanding job of avoiding glorification of criminal life. I applaud it.

if you continued to do these, I think you would be doing yourself actual harm, so you are excused.

Never thought I'd be so glad to see Akiyama.

Finally! A game that actually simulates the relatively banal experience of Japanese organized crime. Where has this game been all my life?

you selfish bastards! mostly thinking about yourselves?! peh. whatever happened to self sacrifice to milk a franchise of all its money until your fans hate you and they make a crappy game about you where you sit in a room talking japanese at each other about really mundane and pointless topics

oh wait...

no thanks guys. savin' our butts and all.

Wow... that cut scene had a whole lot of nothing, which was pretty much what the first part had. I wonder if there's any gameplay involved...

It's a dry rain.

Does that mean no more stairs?

Because I think we need more stairs, yo.

Yakuza 4 - Part 2

The ongoing adventures of Japan's slowest paced gangsters.

Watch Video

For shame, Graham. We furnish you with ad money, we post declarations of love for you, we hum the LRR theme song as we gallivant about town, and all we ask in return is that you subject yourself to brain-meltingly awful things in order to provide us with amusement.

Or you can just post a video of Matt getting hit in the crotch with a cat; either way, we're good.

Awww, I would have loved some more Yakuza 4 action (so to speak). But I agree, Graham and Paul's health might be slightly more important than my entertainment.

And I found myself amazed that the first video had actually more action than this one. Well, on the other hand this had somebody kick a table and throw a lighter. I'm torn - the first part had more action overall, but this one had two parts with greater concentration of it. I wander how later cutscenes would have compared to these.

Man, we could have had a Y4May this year.

Well of course they need giant hands, for all the punching.

Yo, I heard you like stairs. So we put some stairs in your stairs...

It's a dry rain.

Made me literally laugh out loud. Well played.

"Awww... We're the Yakuza, our lighters should work."

Yeah, the Yakuza is a relatively tame organization compared to western mafias or even the neighbouring Chinese triad gangs. And that's why they're able to live so out in the open, with offices and everything. As a matter of fact, most of their money comes from real estate scams and extorting large companies, as opposed to more traditional criminality, such as drug trading. The one thing they are notorious for, however, is human trafficking, but I guess that might be a bit of a grim theme to open the game with.

I bet everyone from the Yakuza who plays this (assuming they would, I mean, I would play my own game if I had one) just yells at the screen "THE FUCK IS THIS" during these parts

Good grief, by this time in Yakuza 1, you'd established characters and were off to jail for a crime you didn't commit, which segued into beating the crap out of fellow prisoners.

You know what this scene needs? Majima or Kazuma, take your pick. Faces WOULD be punched. Or people would die horribly nearby to prepare for facepunch.

Oh well. There's a MUCH better scene later on with a watermelon and a guy somehow being badass with a gun in his mouth! Toooo bad that's not the opening scene.

That "evenin'" was actually more of a very slurred informal form of 'you must be tired', "you've worked hard" or "Good work" and not an "evenin'" at all.

I actually enjoyed these, the contrast of nothing and your comments works well.

The Gentleman:
Finally! A game that actually simulates the relatively banal experience of Japanese organized crime. Where has this game been all my life?

Right next to the Civ styled game where you play the Yakuza's accountant and investment broker respectively.

On the subject of their massive hands though, it's probably a conversation piece to segway into a street fight.

Street Thug: "My God! What massive hands you have!"

Protagonist: "The better to hit you with!"

On the subject of translations, is there actually a Japanese word for "dickwad"?

Classic Paul line; "It's more of a dry rain."

You know, I think Michael Bay has a new movie coming out. Seems that's more your speed at Unskippable.

Damn the both of you. This was the first Yazuka game I ever played and I LOVED it.

Yeah, the cut scenes can stretch a bit, especially during the openings and endings of the 5 Acts, but the variety of gameplay elements is almost unmatched.

I must say that there is something disturbing about this face.


These cutscenes actually make me want to play the game. I'm down with some more realistic gaming for a change. And the dialogue and animations were pretty damn funny--as intended.
Though, without your funny running commentary--a la MST3000--it might be somewhat less enjoyable.

Yeah watched a Lets Play and... well.. it has more talking then an average Final Fantasy. Yeah :!

I want more! I absolutely loved the dry rain comment. Is this a possible candidate for a GPLP?

I'm so glad I sat through this conversation because now I totally understand the premise of the game. /sarcasm

But really, I found myself wondering why they didn't just ask Akiyama for his lighter.

Heres's a picture of a crane!


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