Yesterday's downtime

Yesterday's downtime

Hello Escapistland People!

I wanted to pop in with a brief explanation of our outage yesterday. Some of you may have strolled on over to The Lounge, Mag or News Room between about 12:30pm EST and 6pm EST and noticed our server was feeling uncommunicative. Well, at just before 1pm, we realized our RAID had gone kaput. As in died. Kind of like being hit by lightning. Twice. In the same day.


So, after we all picked ourselves up from the floor where we all fainted, and then ran around, arms waving, like chicken with our heads cut off in panic, we sent our tech team, a Merry Band of Adventurers to the server farm to fix what they could fix. And through amazing feats of ingenuity and high-stress fixorating (It's a word. I'm an editor.), they breathed enough life into the smoking mess to transfer all data and bring us live, once again. Much love to the tech people.

So, thank you, Dear Readers, for your patience during our outage yesterday. Know that we are working to fix this problem so it won't pop up again. And welcome back.


lol fixorating, thanks for the acknowledgment good to know sometimes whats going on.


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