76: Going "Home" for the Holidays

"In exchange for returning him to his rightful owners, I would receive a piece of holly that would turn my horse into a reindeer for a short while. I could hardly think of something more Christmas-y, and decided an evening spent liberating a four-legged fuzzy thing from the forces of evil, with guildmates, was just the thing to cheer me up. Enthused, I queried my guild chat channel to see if anyone else was interested in participating.
Silence. My guild channel was silent."

Michael Zenke spends his holiday visiting friends in online worlds where the old saying "you can never go home again" is perhaps even more true than in real life.

Going "Home" for the Holidays

This gave me some pretty severe warm fuzzies. Almost made me wish I could find an MMO that I could put up with for long enough to experience this sort of thing. Oh well. I'm still holding out for World of Starcraft.


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