Space Janitors: Deck Crew: Bounty Hunter

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Deck Crew: Bounty Hunter

Two members of the deck crew, Dolore and Walmsley, discover that hanging out with a bounty hunter is not as glamorous as one would think.

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That was some very awesome dry humor from two very talented individuals! I enjoy both this and the original, but I enjoyed this a little more.

Cute. Keep em comin.

I am quite OK with this filler content between the main episodes. I hope you have more like this! It was simple yet great.

Interesting. I have to admit that until I saw the credits I was having a little trouble figuring out if we were having a clones episode again or not. Still, good times, reasonable jokes. All in all a show I genuinely look forward to seeing more of.

So it sounds like she had a date with The Stig, only more talkative.

Nice imagineering touch with the "cell phone."

Actually during the date he was just thinking to himself that bat man theme song.
though its nice seeing more characters.

That was excellent. Keep 'em coming.

I have to admit that until I saw the credits I was having a little trouble figuring out if we were having a clones episode again or not.

Oh good, I wasn't the only one slightly confused by that.

Funny episode though. I like the shorter ones, they get right to the point.

Well this has got to be the best quality filler I have ever seen. Not only are the visual production values high in this show but the actor's are top notch. Walmsley's delivery of her lines while she was trying to find excuses was utterly mesmerising.

That was pretty awesome!

Completely unrelated but since we're in a gaming site I thought I'd be ok: Wish they had this kind of quirky humor in videogames more often. Just seems more human.

Love this show. Not much else to say.
Do the makers of this show get money from the Canadian government? Grants and stuff?
Thought I heard something about Canadian film laws or something...

Its Laverne and Shirley IN SPACE!

"Oh, and I've gotta do a lot of quotations." <--- BEST LINE TO DATE

So, I'm still on the fence. I could watch stuff like this all day. I enjoyed this episode--quite a lot. Everybody on this show seems to act really, really well. I mean really. So if this series turns into "here's some everyday things you might not have thought about that might occur in the distant future" I'll be pleased. If you guys try to churn in an epic plot line and lose this sort of "we're still normal people" element, I am going to be disappointed. My fingers are crossed.

I'll be here next week. Keep it coming.

Is there a great deal of this series already in the can? Or would you be willing to take suggestions for quirky situational future/space humor that might fit well into your show? I know. I know. If you say "yes" you get a flood of crap from us forum trolls that think we can be funny. It's a risk. Well, maybe from everyone else. This forum troll knows he is hillarious.

yeah... it wasn't that good, i smiled alil bit, but didnt go crazy from it

Very funny stuff, 'Oh no I just punched myself in the eye, I have to go now' genius.

Ha, that was pretty good.

Haha, that was pretty funny. I don't usually watch these live action shows on the Escapist, but this is pretty nice.

Jetpacks eh. Amusing. The description of the bounty hunter gave me a mental image of a cross between Bobba Fett and Batman.

I think you just broke the hearts of every person with a crush on Boba-Fett. I enjoyed this. I'll be looking forward to next week's episode.

Keep it coming, and how can you not want to you know talk more about jetpacks? everything gets better with jetpacks... Oh smooching... Well jetpack smooching sounds more awesome... :D

That was good, but I got distracted by the pokeballs on their shoulders >.>

Good stuff, keep it coming. Just careful with the sound effects, the engine roar muffled the beginning of the conversation a bit. Either I'm sheltered or Star Wars space empire satire hasn't been done to death yet so I'm looking forward to the genre commentary. The bounty hunter bit is pretty good.

Liked it.

Ok I've got to ask, why does the insignia of the empire look like the one of the Nort Sun Legions from the anthology comic 2000AD Rogue Trooper strip?

Hehe, nice keep em coming! Definatly potentional here, great acting, storylines and prop's!

That's some sweet thrust, right there.

That was really good :D

Brilliant acting guys.

So it sounds like she had a date with The Stig, only more talkative.

Nice imagineering touch with the "cell phone."

now that would be cool. Dinner with the stig

The characters are well written and well acted.

ok, wasnt really that funny but still funny. the bounty hunter idea was really good. enjoyed the excuse scene.

Is it supposed to be funny because they have normal lives but in space, because that's just lame. Literaly that would be the joke, that it's lame and by extension our lives are lame. That doesn't really tickle my funny bone.

Really enjoying this show, actually; please keep 'em coming, I'm looking forward to getting a big picture of the ship & universe built up.

Cute. I giggled. That's pretty good considering my mood today. I'm quite enjoying this series.

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