77: Who's Your Daddy?


Who's Your Daddy?

As a parent and a 12 year industry veteran, your observations are dead-on! Excellent article. Good work, Erin!

THE most successful companies I've interacted with are the ones who took those qualities into consideration and valued the experience of the individual. Yes, parenting gives invaluable perspective and the ability to "juggle" multiple tasks, as well as prioritizing skills. It helps tremendously when MANAGEMENT has family. They then have empathy for those other parents. Without that, the "family" is often looked at as a liability.

...now, where are some of these family-friendly companies? <wink>

It is truly amazing how being a parent alters your perspective on the challenges in life and in the workplace. I really like how the article differentiates between being a good programmer... and being able to manage oneself within the project. The lessons learned from parenthood cannot be taught in an educational institution.

Great article.


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