Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 11

Media Sandwich Episode 11

This week the guys welcome a very special guest to the show.

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Wow.. all that stuff you guys have planned/want to have planned awesome. The comics, the Red Letter-style DBZ, the other video series idea. I'm not much of a card game player (or a history person), but Truequest sounds pretty cool too.

And that dramatic reading at the end, oh man, I'm looking forward to this contest you mention.

The dramatic reading of the comments sounded evil. the, "I hope you win," was very dramatic and made Chris sound dastardly. I'd play portal 2 with you guys if you have it on the PC. Speaking of doing things I'd totally be a voice actor in your radio play, I could even play the theremin!

To be fair, in that final dramatic reading.....those are good points. If it were a more serious debate, then yeah, extreme examples shouldn't be used as the norm in an overarching genre debate, moreso given the variety that anime encompasses. But it's not serious. I'm sure I myself could make a pretty solid argument for anime (and I made a comment along those lines at that video), but I doubt I could make it particularly funny. It's humorous how serious people take some of your debates given that you overtly say numerous times how not serious you are. Selective hearing I suppose.

I need to replace my xbox already and friend you guys. Alas after several years the red ring of death tightened itself around my box's neck.

Furthermore, you want bad filler, check naruto. I would not want you to suffer the torture of going through any of the filler, but holy canoli batman, there are alot. Sure there are reasons behind a show having filler, overtaking the manga and such, but geeze.

O crap! Look out for that tangent!

Generally speaking, guys have better spatial awareness. But, as with all gender differences, there's more variation within than between. It sounds like your wife just isn't very good at spatial stuff. There's also a learning effect for puzzle-y type things. My mother-in-law, for instance, does puzzles like crazy, and she can intuitively solve the puzzles on Portal, but she's never played video games, so she can't really make the character do what she wants her to do.

Also, have you heard of, I think it's Russ Pitts', pee theory for gender differences? For guys, peeing is a visual experience, while for girls its a feeling experience, which makes guys more visual and girls more emotional.

(I do not put much stock in this theory. But it's funny.)

Finally got around to listening to this one.

So is that card game going to include the likes if say, Hitler and Mussolini? or is that too touchy of subject?

Aw, you woke the baby at the end.


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