Escapist Podcast: 042: Ultimate Question of Everything

042: Ultimate Question of Everything

This week, on this 42nd episode of the podcast we discuss the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything or we answer some of your questions.

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A good escapist always knows where his towel is.

Good sequels off the top of my head:

- Donkey Kong Country (even if it's not the second game strictly speaking)

- Street Fighter II

- Guild Wars II

I am impressed on how much each of this games improved on the original while keeping the soul of it. Would love to put SC II or DotA II there... but not yet, maybe after HotS, we'll see.

About building a perfect sim, money is not the main limitation for doing a perfect VR world atm. Even with unlimited cash the proyect will probably fail, or take decades at least.

The thing about sequels is that every single IP I've ever tried has ended up being my favourite in the series. So it could be that I tried playing the second game first and liked it better than the first game (like Gothic 2 vs Gothic 1) or that I tried playing the first game first and liked it better than the second (like Portal vs Portal 2).
The realization actually came to me when thinking about what I liked more about Portal than Portal 2 and decided that I would have actually liked the second game more if I had played them visa versa. I think a big part of it is the freshness of a new IP that introduces you to a whole new aesthetic and experience which really impressed you the first time around, which wears off a little by the time you play the second titel.
On the note of Battleship, I'm pretty sure that at some time during pre-production the thinking went: "Well, if Pirates of the Caribbean could earn millions of dollars based on a theme-park ride, then we can do the same with a board game."

I. WANT. THAT. GAME. (the Civ/RTS one)

Savage was an RTS/action RPG, with one person as the Starcraft-style overlord, and the other players are your hero units.

Also, EVE online is releasing Dust 451 soon, which is an FPS that will affect what happens in EVE (something about the "sovereignty system").

Yeah, like I said in the podcat, I'm going under the assumption that the "unlimited resources" offered up in the question means we can ignore all considerations of technical feasibility and commercial appeal. One of the biggest design problems in games like Savage is developing a good push/pull between player freedom and the chain of command. Ironclad's new DOTA-style game, Sins of a Dark Age, is wrestling with those issues as well.

The thing is, there has to be incentives for responsible behavior at every level of the experience. The kings, governors, generals, and soldiers have to be encouraged through gameplay rewards to behave responsibly within their own sphere, subverting at least part of their will to the needs of other players in other contexts. The potential for player frustration over the game's lack of fairness is also remarkably high. Imagine if Justin as governor of a city does absolutely everything right, but his city is completely destroyed by the enemy because I didn't move forces in to defend him, or because the forces I moved in were misapplied by the local general.

I'd like to have a Skyrim-type sandbox set in the Shadowrun universe. Thank you and good night!

Also, Baldur's Gate II was a much, much better game than the first Baldur's Gate.

There was a Halflife mod named Natural Selection which came close to Steve Butts perfect game. It was an Alien vs Marine ego shooter but one player had to be the comander and he played the game pretty much like a RTS game. He had a tactical map and gave orders to the other players like building stuff, scouting or attack the enmies positions/buildings he could plant turrets, ressource extractors over nodes and research weapons, armor or gadgets which he dispensed to his soldiers. Overall a pretty fun game.

Marine gameplay:

I get so excited when I know the song put in for the breaks, Plaid Muffins are crazy.

Steve Butts:


Also I'd suggest you'd look up what they are trying to do with the Tera and World of Darkness Online. More WoD, as it's made by CCP and (at the moment, as MMOs are always subject to change) there is going to be a worked in political system to take control of each city.

Also Dust 514 by CCP in which you are a single mercenary in the Eve Online world.

Though it's possible you are aware of all these things and they may of been mentioned on this podcast.

Some of my favorite games of all time are sequels: Monkey Island 2, Day of the Tentacle (aka Maniac Mansion 2), Zork Grand Inquisitor, Baldur's Gate 2... And of course, the Elder Scrolls, Morrowind being very near the top of that list.
The King's Quest series also kept improving, I think my favorite must've been KQ6, or maybe KQ4. But now I'm waxing nostalgic. *sigh*

it is Unicron, not Omricron.

So CCP the makers of EVE have a shooter that is going to be tied into it called Dust 514, you have the guys playing EVE, and lets say they want to use a planet, but then so does another guy playing EVE, so you higher out mercenaries ( guys playing the shooter) and the other guy highers out mercenaries ( other guys playing the shooter) and whoever hired the winning mercenaries gains control of that planet, and you fund your mercenaries so that they have better gear, but then so will the other guy and it ties the two genres together, allowing for a similar scenario to what Steve was talking about.

Best sequels for me:

Diablo 2

Freespace 2

damn they're good!


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