Unskippable: Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Part Two

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Mess with the hood,
won't do you no good!

If you pull down Ezio's hood...


...you're gonna have a bad time.

It always amazes me that I play these games and never notice these things, for example the insane amount of Ubisofts. Great episode as always guys.

that scene with Ezio was missing something I think I know what it was

much better go back to that scene. Mute the unskippable audio and play this song. It makes those cutscenes with Ezio so much more epic

I thought the same. I'm so used to seeing that scene in the trailer with that music that it kind of sucks without it.

How could he keep fighting with an arrowhead in his shoulder? Yeah as an assassin he might have a high threshold for pain, but that doesn't mean a sharp bit of metal can't do further damage with him swinging his arms around.

"Well English isn't my first language"

Chocked on me tea and fell off me chair!

Yeah, that was the best little exchange they've had in Unskippable in a long time. I lost it too.

cricket chirps:


I've been waiting in a deserted frozen ruin for 300 hundred years only to be killed by an inconvenient hidden blade because our one archer didn't fire another arrow...and all I got was this bloody t-shirt.

What was up with that? Was that a warning arrow? The Templar equivalent of 'Hey, you!'? Or did they just have an embarrassing packing accident?

Atleast their only archer got to use his one arrow well, look at the bright side for the Templars. I mean, what if he missed? "Oh way to go archer! Now we have to send the whole army down to do it."

But he did miss, the shot wasn't exactly fatal. And can you really blame him? Imagine the pressure the guy must've been under, waiting around for 300 years with only 1 arrow, waiting just for this moment. No wonder he balls it up when the time came.

"I set out with one purpose--"

"To destroy the world of Men."

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