Space Janitors: Deck Crew: Tools

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I really didn't realise that internet video qualified for Ontario film credit. Either they're getting desperate of they're moving with the times.


Something, something, tachyons. Something, subspace, something. I always loved when the Star Trek v. Star Wars debaters tried to focus on how "realistic" the science was in their respective pet property... The debate itself can be worthwhile, but that particular side of it is just silly.

It's like arguing whose imaginary friend is taller.

Yes these can be rather funny. Though one thing that stands out for me in favour of Star Trek is that it seems like the creators actually put some thought and maybe a bit of scientific knowledge into their stuff, where Star Wars on the other hand George Lucas was obviously just pulling stuff out of his ass which left it up to others afterwards to try to quantify the specs. And the funny part here is that for the people that did this it almost seems like the intent was entirely focused on making their imaginary ladder for Star Wars that much taller than Star Trek' imaginary ladder.

The reason for that is because Star Wars is more Fantasy Sci-fi, while Star Trek is straight up Science Fiction.

Cue Wil Wheaton (Star Trek) and Aaron Douglas (BSG) arguing over the existence of FTL particles.

Don Reba:
To be fair, Star Trek replicators require a special fuel to provide particles for rearranging. They don't make things out of thin air.

I wonder what they would use...

"Recommended fuel: McRep's All-purpose non-radioactive sterile bio-solid"

A Star Wars spoof with a Star Trek and Doctor Who reference in one episode? Win.

Pretty much says it all there folks.

The moment they said "Magic tool that's good for anything", I immediately thought, "Sonic screwdriver."

They delivered on my expectations.

See but this entire skit relied on that one joke. And not everyone is a doctor who fan. This was probably not funny at all to a lot of people.

Am I the only one who didn't get this at all?

*looks at comments*

Yeah, guess so... :(

You know that awkward time when your friend tells you a joke that you've been hearing for the past 20 years, but they're still all hopeful you laugh because they think it's fresh and new...

Star Wars is old. Star Trek is old. Dr. Who, is also old. We've heard these jokes before, and most of them delivered better. And honestly, putting on an American sitcom spin just doesn't work for me.

I'm not saying don't try and make a parody. I'm just saying the reason that Red Dwarf, Space Balls, and even self referential jokes in Star Trek and Dr. Who work, is because there's usually some cleverness behind it.

I'll still keep watching though. I always give people a chance to make me laugh.

"Get your head out of the clouds" uttered while on a spaceship is funny.
"Now you're back!" line delivered twice seemed improved and very natural. Good choice to keep it.
The "Sonic." line was a little unclear. Since this was the punchline, I wished it had hit just a tad bit harder. I had to rewind and watch that bit twice.

These "Deck Crew" fillers seem like you write a script framework and then adlib a bit. I like this very much. Walmsley delivers very well. I am constantly amazed by the acting on this series. Nothing groundbreaking here in the actual script, but it made me smile. Keep it coming.

....It's like arguing whose imaginary friend is taller.


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