Trailers: Hell Yeah! - Gameplay Trailer

Hell Yeah! - Gameplay Trailer

I always thought that live rabbits were bad but the dead ones appear to be more violent.

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Looks pretty awesome. And I can't be the only one who laughed at the rubber duck.

Will check it out when it comes to Steam and pick it up depending on the price.

Gotta say......looks like it could be a pretty fun game.

And just so I can be the first to make the reference:
"Whut? Is it behind the bunny rabbit?"
"It IS the bunny rabbit!"

This looks like a lot of fun.

Ahhhh, just the bizzare mind fuck I've been looking for for a while now.

The whole time I was all "...wut?" But to be honest it does look fun to try out in the end, I need another silly game where you just let loose and have fun.

Can... can someone please tell me what I just watched...

So... they mixed Earthworm Jim with Worms: Armageddon? Looks interesting.

Ow my freaking eyes! What did I just look at, it looked kind of fun... what I saw past the blood, both on and off screen.

what the did i just see? i think my brain exspoded!


so, people called him a pussy for liking a rubber duck, now he's gonna kill every one?


seems legit, and a better reason for violence then anything God of War came up with


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