The Banning of Meta Knight

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Daystar Clarion:
Like others have said, Smash Bros was never meant to be a seriously competitive game in the first place.

Half the fun of the game is it's unpredictable nature. Take away the items and the stages that can kill you and it's not Smash Bros anymore.

I agree with this. I go for it cuz it is literally balls to the wall insanity (well for me anyway).

I found the article an interesting read as I had never thought about the trouble of banning certain characters. With fighting games we either all have our choices between me and my friends or it always randoms. And cheap only comes into it with infinite spam moves. I reckon we should just do all-random drinking game competitions instead of this serious stuff. That way I might be able to do okay...if only cuz I can drink.

Anoni Mus:

But what I kind of miss in this article: Why did Meta Knight players win so much? What is it about Meta Knight that makes him win most of the times?

He's fast between the attacks.

Unlike Ganondorf for example, which is really slow.

MetaKnight, Olimar, Sonic, Mario are sme of the strongest character, that is according to pros, I play with Lucas and Link.

Not really. Sonic and Mario are kinda awful. Olimar is definitely top 5 though; the current tier list has him at 2nd. Meanwhile, Snake, a character who is definitely on the slow side, is 5th due to his great tools, counters, and reach. Speed isn't everything in Brawl.

In fact, anyone claiming "but I thought X was the best in the game" who isn't mentioning Olimar, Snake, Diddy Kong, Ice Climbers, or Falco is not actually good at the game. The most up-to-date tier list can be found here; it's based on both the opinions of the top players and the usage data of the characters.

This is an article about Meta Knight. Why is it, then, that we were given two videos to of Street Fighter, but no clear examples of Meta Knight's apparent advantage, nor even any explanation of what it is that makes him so powerful?

P.S. Thanks

Because, and this is the major difference between Metaknight and SF2T Akuma (or even MvC3 Phoenix pre-nerf), you couldn't show it to an unknowing observer. The things that make Metaknight good aren't visible at first glance, especially if you aren't experienced in Super Smash Bros. At first glance, Metaknight seems kinda underwhelming. He's got some reach and speed, but his damage output is lousy and he doesn't seem to have great kill moves. He's got a great recovery, but he dies incredibly quickly. He lacks projectiles, and a lot of his stuff is kinda unsafe until you know what you're doing.

But once you know what you're doing, you start noticing stuff. Like how his up tilt beats out literally every approach from above in the game. Or how his forward tilt is a frame three move that covers a ridiculous amount of ground in front of him and is very safe. Or how his up air is 2-3 times faster than the best airdodges in the game (as in, you can do two or three of them before the opponent gets out of lag from airdodging - it takes 13 frames TOTAL). Or how his upB is quite literally the best anti-air in the game. Or how his Tornado attack is almost hilariously safe when done correctly (unless your opponent gets a hard read). Or how his fast up aerial allows him to cancel his momentum offstage incredibly fast, and his multiple jumps let him hit the top of the screen so fast that he doesn't die anywhere near as soon as one might hope. Or how his entire build seems perfect for getting gimps (quick, offstage kills at low %s, generally performed by knocking the opponent out of their recovery) and harassing the ledge. Or how the correct execution of moves on the ledge is not just good, but quite literally completely unbeatable (to be fair, other characters can kinda do this too, which is why there is a ledge grab limit in place - if the time runs out and you have too many ledge grabs, you lose regardless of stock and %). Or how he effectively he can brickwall with forward aerial autocanceled to down tilt. Or just how early you can kill opponents with his aerial upB. Or that his Down Smash is a frame 6 kill move that, by virtue of its surprise factor, is incredibly hard to DI[1] correctly and will score some very quick kills.

None of this means MK is broken. However, all of it put together paints a picture of an extremely threatening character, with ridiculously good and safe options all over the place. Unbeatable, or even unreasonable? No. Best in the game? Definitely.


MK is absolutely amazing. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Metaknight is the single best character in the game. Broken? Probably not. And this is where this article is kinda iffy - the MK ban has kinda disappeared. The Unity Ruleset Commission, the group of tournament hosts that decided to ban Metaknight in the first place, has disbanded. SKTAR, the upcoming major international in July, has Metaknight legal. More and more tournaments, especially on the west coast, are deciding that this was a stupid idea and allowing him again. And ironically, a large portion of the thanks for this goes out to the results for APEX 2012, the international where MK took half of the top spots.


Well, because of Japan.

Japan showed up at APEX, and they wrecked our shit. It was not pretty. Ally, arguably the USA's best player, got 3-0'd by Nietono, a Japanese Olimar. The number of people who have beaten Ally in a tournament is something you can count on one hand. Only one I have ever heard of has 3-0'd him. Mew2King, another contender for top player and famous Metaknight main, lost against OCEAN, a ROB main. And for those of you wondering, ROB-Metaknight is horribly one-sided - there is no reason that Metaknight should lose. It wasn't even just a matter of "They won", it was "They completely destroyed us in tournament sets and in casuals. Their top players are simply on a whole different level when compared to ours." Japan doesn't have ANY problems with Metaknight, and apparently, they are the best region in the world. What this means, essentially, is that the USA has to step its game up. And banning MK, and as such telling the best region in the world, "Don't come to our tournaments any more", is a terrible idea.

P.S. Brawl is an AMAZING competitive game, and those who disagree should money match me.
P.P.S. I am staunchly anti-ban. I live in Europe, and the Metaknight "problem" is essentially just the USA. Or, to be precise, just New Jersey.

[1] Directional Influence; essentially aiming the way a hit sends you into the upper corner to live longer

Isn't this old news? Metaknight is amazingly strong, this ban was mentioned ages ago. I haven't really followed the competetive scene of brawl at all though. I was wondering if it really was warranted though, I always considered Metaknight to be like Akuma in Super Turbo from the way people were saying how good he is.

Sakurai made a terrible mistake though in practically spitting on the faces of every competetive smash player with the changes he made. I have absolutely no clue how someone could think it's a good idea to actively hinder a niche audience of your game. I think it's an accomplishment that a game that was so blatantly designed to be a party game (Melée) yet still had a massive competetive following.

On the original SF2, people were chaining attacks together that couldn't be blocked if the first one hit. This was a bug that was found in testing, but the lead programmer thought it would be too hard to actually accomplish often so he left it there. Fast foward to super street fighter 2, and you are rewarded bonus points for combos, and they have become a staple in fighting games all around.

What does Sakurai do when he finds out how different competetive melee is from its intended state? Instead of designing the next game to ascend some of these glitches into intended mechanics, he decides to make people randomly trip. What is the point? I am very suprised that there is still a competetive scene for Brawl. It must be really strange playing a game in a way that the developer has actively tried to discourage and hinder.

I'll just say, cool name for a character. Too bad they can release a patch to rebalance things for online players.

There is no competetive scene online for Brawl. The WFC latency is horrendous, it's even worse than the matchmaking is. Honestly, you must be aware of this right? Any serious competetive play in most fighting games is done offline (when money is on the line).

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