GinxTV: The Retro Show - Bonanza Bros

The Retro Show - Bonanza Bros

The Retro Show takes a look at old games to see if they're still worth keeping or throwing out.

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Not quite sure why I should have watched that...

That game looks like a lot of fun xD
The characters remind me of P-body and Atlas.

This takes me back...
Bonanza Bros on the Sega Master System was the first game I completed single handed.
A very fun, if short, game.

Holy shit! Bonanza Bros! I fucking loved that game when I was a kid.

Ah watching that video was like a giant slap from the hand of nostalgia.

This was hilarious. I totally want to see more Retro Show.

Don't know why but found this really funny

Wow, first new show in a long while that I actually enjoyed

I decided to give GINXTV another chance and while I didn't actually feel engaged enough to watch the whole thing it is still probably the best thing I've seen you do. So, kudos I guess?

EDIT: Hey Escapist, I know I said I didn't like the Captcha ads but these ones where I get to describe a brand in any words? Yeah, those are awesome.

This was great! I hope you keep making this show. I was a SNES fanboy back in those days, so it's fun to see what I missed out on!

Good job Escapist. That was the first new show I've enjoyed (that wasn't made by the LRR team) since... well Doraleous and Associates... in other news, weren't they meant to be coming back after their movie? Whatever happened with that? all I can think about is that D&A is gone and I'm sad...

do Jazz Jackrabbit!

I'm not sure whether or not I enjoyed that.

Has great potential. Just don't touch that ET game...

I liked the part where he jumped on the can.

Very funny stuff, very British.

This really amused me! But mostly just because I have extensive experience walking off cliffs, into walls, fire blasts, etc. all in the name of thinking the other person was me.

Good times :D

I played The living s... out of this game when I was a kid, but i played it on the amiga.

I don't like GinxTV to much but this is gold.

It can't possibly be that hard to remember that he is the blue guy.


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