Escapist Podcast: 044: Listener Question Party!

044: Listener Question Party!

This week, we answer your questions, like what our favorite games are, and Justin isn't allowed to only say Baldur's Gate.

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Now I have this in my head...

I have to say in in agreement with Steve and Greg about getting more invested into a more defined character like John Marston. I don't know if Red Dead Redemption could have had that massive emotional punch at the end if it made him a blank slate. You get some choice in how he carries things out (like if you hogtie certain people or kill them), but he is who he is mostly.

I'm trying to remember this has gates in it..I think it was the second game..

Open vs linear:

I am very obessive about my avatar in games that make you feel you are in a character shooes. That's why i like open as in skyrim, if you are going to make me rolplay as a character then i need him to be mute, because otherwise he just goes there opening his mouth and shattering the mental image i had of him. That's why i can't get into bioware games this days, i like the writing for the companions, but can't stand shepard; that's why i like the secret world over ToR, both are MMOs focused on story and rolplaying, but one doesn't make me rage at my avatar.

Games to take to a desert island (with 1 MBPS internet):

If i had to take just one, it would be SC II even with all it's flaws; but a SC & Frozen Synapse combo is also tempting. Scratch that, i would never take SC II because then i would die of thirst and hunger focusing my mind into getting to Grand Master and not food. Other games that i remember loving at a time and would call great:

- Bomberman
- Rock and Roll Racing
- World of Warcraft
- Tetris
- Wipeout
- Unreal Tournament 2004
- Super Meat Boy

Also, as always, if you are doing MOBA games just for the sake of the PvP, i would reccomend a switch to DotA, especially if you play with friends. I know, i know, topic has been done to death, but while i think LoL is superior in some aspects, pure pvp is not one of those.

That was Minsc, pronounced like the city in Russia, Minsk. And who can forget Boo? "Go for the eyes, Boo, go for the eyes!"

they don't know Roy Batty? This is a sad day for cinema.

Roy Batty:
All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die.

One of the most memorable qoutes in sci-fi cinema if you ask me.

I'm trying to remember this has gates in it..I think it was the second game..

C&C:Tiberian Sun?
It is second tiberium game and it has gates.

just fyi, Atlanta makes Charlotte's airport look like heaven.

When Susan mentioned Dragonlance, my heart skipped a beat for a moment. The very first book that ever made me cry was "The Legend of Huma"

I'm sad Suikoden II didn't get a mention, it's such a great game.

You four mentioned a lot of games wich are in my favorite list as well and I like to add three more games from the 90s who impressed me a lot back then:

- Archimedean Dynasty: This is a game which is probably little known outside of germany but is essentially a mix of Tie Fighter and Bladerunner in a post-apocalyptic underwater world. Very gritty world and it adds the underwater physics(like currents, darkness and water pollution) to the whole space shooter scenario and you got to modify and buy different submarines

- Master of Orion 2: For me the better Civilization

- Planescape: Torment: Still my favorite RPG, great story, wonderful NPCs (Ravel Puzzlewell is such a great semi-villian)and a lot of hidden things and lore bits which added a lot of replay value.
Also, sooo much better than BG2!


Who is most evil of all of you?


I feel kinda bad cause I was the 'i cant believe you didn't know that' guy last week. And I was totally wrong


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