Prototype's Story Holes

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Yahtzee is pretty much on point with this.

Its rather sad. In first prototype you played a morally gray character, a bold move by the gamestudio, then for the second game they wimp out and bring out the oh-so-boring hero with cliches up the arse, while keeping a gameplay that advocates eating innocent bystanders for health and general wholesale slaughter.

I loved prototype 1, especially Mercer. Finally a protagonist who would act like I would given superpowers. Like Yahtzee said, if you were given powers like this, would you not also be bodysurfing housewives down the 5th avenue? And on that note I find Prototype 2s protagonist an ungrateful prick. So your family got caught up in the mayhem that Mercer started? Who cares?! He also turned you into an immortal superhuman so how about some thanks instead of emoing up the place.

See, that would have been far more interesting. Instead we got a crappy reason for why Mercer is bad in a couple of comics and a bad plot that doesn't even finish explaining itself.

And yeah, that final boss fight was BS. Mercer should have been far harder to kill than that.

Why on Earth didn't the Prototype 2 developers hire you to write the script.

Tell me.

That would have made the game much, much better.
I don't like it when companies churn out sequels to things without paying proper attention to the thing they're making a sequel to, which is what seems to have happened in this case.

Actually, while I was talking to my significant-other about this thread and what was discussed, they brought up a pretty valid point: Mercer never actually consumed Heller at all; he just infected him with the Blacklight virus. I suppose it's still possible that he's still a vessel for Mercer's squishier, more human feelings, but it does make it somewhat trickier to explain. Maybe, anyway.

Of course, that doesn't change the other points brought up, but there you go. ;)

As for Mercer himself being something of a weak last boss... eh, maybe. Keep in mind that Heller wasn't exactly a slouch either, and there's a point near the end where Mercer attempts to actually consume him, but is unable to do so, and he then later makes a comment about Heller's 'annoyingly resilient DNA' (or something along those lines). So it's possible that Heller's version of the virus happens to be even stronger. Maybe. You could still argue experience and all that, though, in Mercer's favor.

I recently beat prototype 2, and I guess I never considered the infected humans to be mere extensions of Mercer's will. Perhaps there is a difference because they were alive while infected instead of being a mere reanimated corpse? Not that the idea isn't damned AWESOME, it would certainly make for a more thoughtful game rather than HELLER ANGRY, HELLER SMASH!

But then prototype has always been kind of a modern reimagining of the Hulk. We understand radiation a lot better now so it's no longer the scare it used to be, but bioweapons and genetic engineering, we don't really know the potential consequences. So something bad happens triggering an emergent being of incredible strength that can rip everything apart with an accidental gesture. Thus, Mercer-hulk is born.

The twist in prototype that Mercer was dead was interesting, partly for the novelty and partly because the virus was a better person than Mercer ever was. Mercer is slowly revealed to have been a total psycho who deliberately released the blacklight virus because things didn't go his way. Once the Virus final stops reacting and starts thinking, it goes out of its way to save the city from a nuke and take down the progenitors of the virus, rather than just infecting everyone in sight to make itself stronger.

Also: How do explain Sabrina Galloway with the Yahtzee premise, she also betrayed Mercer by allowing him to eat that other dude whose name I can't recall off the top of my head. But it was enough that Mercer actually shows up and threatens to murder Heller for it.

I think my biggest problem with Prototype 2 is that they turned Mercer into the the goddamned villain! Yes, I know he wasn't the most... trustworthy character, but I wanted to think he learned what a conscience was... but instead, they made him a villain for no good reason!

Well, actually, there was a follow-up comic between the first and second game in which Mercer tried to be good... but apparently, when faced with the nature of humanity, he turned evil. Wow, just... wow. Thank goodness I don't have superpowers, or I would have turned evil years ago!

That being said, I like Yahtzee's idea for the game, too bad they never went that route...

Is it just me, or did Messer Croshaw, esquire, just write Prototype 2 fan-fiction?


That said what we need is a crossover between two currently mediocre game franchises in hopes of reviving them both. Find some way to have Aya Brea from "Parasite Eve" go up against the surviving virus from Prototype, it's kind of what she does. For some reason Prototype always made me think of PE anyway.... of course it's doubtful this crossover will ever happen, but it would be fun if it did.... :)

Whaaaa? I loved Parasite Eve. Especially PE2.

Wasn't there a PE3 that came out on PSP recently that no one played because no one give a shit about PSP?

In a way yeah. The developers refused to call it Parasite Eve though because the game is no longer dealing with the whole "parasitic mitochondria" angle Eve represented. Instead they called it "The Third Birthday".

Decent game sure, but its far and away the worst title of the three games sadly. So I can see why someone would say the franchise is currently mediocre, when the only title representing it was a mobile phone game shifted about and prettied up for the PSP.

ssgt splatter:
I like Yahtzee's premise, I really do but the problem here is I think some people would get lost with that much information being thrown at them. It would be too much to take in at once.

But it's an interesting concept, and sometimes the best stories in novels, movies, etc. are shown when you look over them again. When you know the story, certain elements in it start to make more sense, and you leave with a greater understanding of what you'd just experienced than what you had before.

Yahtzee, imo, makes a better storywriter than critic, imo. On that note, I should pick up Mogworld sometime soon.

... When I played through it that's pretty much what I was thinking all along... well until things like "He is more than death, he just doesn't know it yet" and "welcome to the top of the food chain"

Then I thought; Mercer is at the top right now? So he can't make the virus any stronger. What he does is create an adversary to fight, trains him up and then fights him, the victor would become stronger once the loser was absorbed.

There are two possibilities: either the writers are pretty damn clever and have set up plot points that mean different things for people with different contexts, or they are thick and have written a story of fluff... Yeah, Yahtzee is right, the later is far more likely

You know, I like this for my own part.
My concern would be that the average gamer wouldn't give it very much thought beyond all of the aforementioned dough-punching. The overall feel of the game and that underlying truth just don't seem to jive, somehow. Maybe it's a bit too deep for all of the violence and murder frenzy that the game is being sold for.

For that matter, I'd think that Mercer would have compartmentalized a few other personalities into other unfortunate buggers beyond just Heller. Maybe there's another creation that stores nothing but a sense of innocence and empathy, or one that was built purely as a 'buffer' entity to halt Heller's efforts at realization. If that were true, Mercer would have churned out more than just one "New" prototype at the same time the army was being built.

Hey, there's your multiplayer plug, woooo.

Wow! I really really wish they would have had Yahtze write the plot for prototype 2, what he came up with is infinitely better!

Somebody get this man a game writing job.

He already has a writing job.
As I recall, he wrote a book.
One I'm still currently trying to locate.

Anyway: OT.

I have to agree with Yathzee on this. Something I try to avoid saying, because apparently this makes me a fan-boy of his show without a opinion of my own.

I had loads of fun with Prototype, and that's exactly the reason I bought 2, regardless of the negative reviews I had read. And I had a blast. I love the bio-bomb and I just had some dirty, virus induced fun.

But the story was a bit disappointing.
Mind you, I wasn't even expecting much to begin with. Kind of like a Die Hard movie. You know the story is just there to frame the action and give some moments of calm in between the badass shooting and shape-shifting into- wait wrong example... But where prototype 1 had an interesting plot twist at the end, like Yathzee already mentioned, Prototype 2's ending made me do a little silent "meh."

During the game I was speculating what the plot twist will be. "Will Mercer turn out to be a anti-hero. Actually showing that he turned Heller for a reason. That has to be it, he's acting too evil to be really evil. I'm sure we'll find out that he's working for something bigger then RULE THE WORLD.... what do you mean ending!"

Still, I'm going to continue to play this game, and have a blast, but the story, I won't be listing it in my favourites any time soon.


Somebody get this man a game writing job.

He already has a writing job.
As I recall, he wrote a book.
One I'm still currently trying to locate.

I know about the book. That's why I specifically said someone should get him a GAME writing job. He always comes up with these great story-game ideas. I think if someone let him help write a story for a game, it would probably be pretty awesome.

That was a fantastic alternate story. Yahtzee, get that writing job. Seriously.

I think the problem is that they wanted to do Scanners, which they sort of did, but there was some pressure to make something more generic, which is fairly justified imo since the story from the first one was kind of weird and inaccessible, the game was coasting on its cool (and basically borrowed) engine. Sure the twist is neat, but I'm betting that quite a few people lost interest before that point.

yey for having seperate opinions and being able to post them to a large audience!LIKE im sure most the people that complain wish they could do. i bet you get so much shit mr benji becasue people try to get their opi nions heard such as yours but dont have the drive, origionality or maybe just the intellergence to do it on their own. so they wait for some co ntraverscial chap to come along inwhich to jump at the chance to get their 15 minutes by 'piggy-backing' off the success of others! to the same degree as britney spears mindge gets coverages every so often when its flashed in a drunken state!...crude.

cricket chirps:
Not to mention Mercer essentially became the new Elizabeth Green(the main boss and hive mind of the first game). One virus defeating and encorperating an old virus.

That's pretty much what I choose to believe happened in Protoype 2.

Also, in regards to Mercer's motivations in Prototype 2:

So what Yahtzee is suggesting is that Mercer is Naraku and Heller is Muso.
Now I feel awful for reading Inuyasha's wikipedia page.

Huh... well then it's unfortunate your hypothesis didn't pan out, that could indeed have been cool.

My only hope, is that there will be a 3rd Prototype game, in which Mercer will consume Heller from the inside. That way the plot that was created in the 1st game, will unravel itself in some kind of super interesting and award winning way. Instead of the "save the princess" story that was given to us in Prototype. But then again I might be overestimating the abillities of the developers, like Yahtzee did.

this is still one of my favorite Extra Punctuation articles. I actually think you can still play through the game with this in mind as the backdrop to add some real depth to it all. if Heller is a vassal of what remains of Mercer's humanity then he could turn on and destroy Mercer and continue to exist as a person of his own kinda...since he possesses the human bit or...ya lol

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