Zero Punctuation: Risen 2: Dark Waters

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The end reminded me so much of the audio bits you get with Cave Johnson.

Ooh, I wonder if post-credits gags will become a regular feature?

we do indeed more pirate games; the Age of Discovery is a sorely underutilized setting. Also, RPGs do indeed need to step outside the traditional science-fiction and fantasy genres.

Actually all flaws aside, this is a very good game. RPG system is good once you get a hold of it, and visuals are actually quite stunning, I didn't get how people disliked them, my only thought is that they are worse on the XBOX360 version, on the PC the game looks great.

One of the things that make me a little perhaps too partial to this game is that it's actually challenging, a trait that has obviously been forsaken in the RPG genre. Any retard can beat Skyrim on any difficulty, but to finish this game you actually have to have some skill. Yes, many times you will be battling game mechanics, but I'm so starved of a RPG challenge that I'll take anything.

Soviet Heavy:
First time I've commented on a ZP video in a long time, but that ending bit was awesome.

Kinda felt crowbarred in to be honest.

And this demonstrates why realism is for the birds.

Moonlight Butterfly:
Sector 7G is where Homer Simpson works isn't it? Explains a lot about Black Mesa :p


And I was just playing Half-Life Source...Weird...

Good review as always but a bit obscure i think.If you don't have any hot new release, you can always make a retro review Yahtzee

Heard about the game and how bad it is, so I'll pass.

Loved that bit at the end, though, had me in stitches. You should do them more often...


Soviet Heavy:
First time I've commented on a ZP video in a long time, but that ending bit was awesome.

Kinda felt crowbarred in to be honest.

I see what you did there.

No "My Science Project" by The Tubes? Psh. No wonder Black Mesa is going to hell in an anomalous materials sample cart.

Huh De Montfort was one of the universities I applied to, mainly because their standards in terms of grades.

Wow, is that the first time we've seen a real post-credits thing since... well I was going to say that Painkiller one he did, but I guess you could count that thing he did at the end of the LittleBigPlanet review.

Anyway, yes, the game: Pity this apparently isn't all that good; this is probably the only real exposure it'll ever get. That's the thing about Yahtzee: His overly-critical approach works well to balance out the hype and overly-generous reviews that big-name games always get, but in cases like this, it's the only thing for potential customers to go on besides generic marketing text on the Steam store.

Making it about pirates was definitely a good move. If there's any genre that should have instant appeal for the sort of people who play video games but hasn't already been done to death by video games, it's probably pirates.

But, I need to put the bowties on the monkeys, it's part of my experiment into the effects of fanciness on animals, also, bowties are cool!

Pirate on shoulder stat?

Oh my gosh Pirate stacking! That'd put your stats through the roof :D

HO-LLY-SHIT! Did I just witness the return of 'Intro Sequence Theatre'?
I think we might just be...

puts on sunglasses

...At World's End!


Which fits two things, your post, and my happiness to see it come back as well! Seriously, when's the last time we've seen one of those?

Bravo Yahtzee, that ending bit was absolutely fantastic "Playing the hits while you play God" nearly made me spit out my drink, and I nearly missed the "Sector 7G" Simpsons reference


OT: Was never really going to get it anyway, thanks for validating my blind choice!

Don't forget its a game from a "small" German developer.

Sweet! are you going to do more skits Yahtzee?

Damn, I missed Yahtzee's skits!


The Artificially Prolonged:
The Black Mesa radio show was hilarious.

I was in stitches.

So so funny.

I never thought the intro to half life could be improved. Valve needs to patch this into the game with immediate effect.

Radio bit was awesome.

Also surprised that there aren't any idiots thus far wondering where his D3 review is.

Great ending Yahtzee. Some game developer really does need to hire you as a writer/ voice actor for their games.

Did you read the thing about him being considered as a writer for Duke Nukem Forever?

Half-life 3?!?! Episode 3?!?! He totally hinted it!

Ahhhh, there goes my "awaiting the unlikely sequel syndrome" reaction for the month.

Someone create a Half-Life mod with Yahtzee's radio station, please.

Can't play this game... It's rated Arrrre!

Pirates rule! In fact, I'm going to make it a personal quest to buy every single pirate game I can get my hands on, just to show the gaming industry that THEY can be just as popular as ninjas or zombies, who are freaking overrated at this point!

"Playing the hits while you play God."

I laughed pretty hard at that one.

Bravo Yahtzee, that ending bit was absolutely fantastic "Playing the hits while you play God" nearly made me spit out my drink, and I nearly missed the "Sector 7G" Simpsons reference

So the game he reviewed had a semi-orginal concept (for an RPG), but crap execution. Pity, I expect more from games on Steam.
And yes, the Half-Life bit @ the end was damn funny! I caught the Simpsons reference, and loved the "bow-ties on test subjects" message. Did any of you guys catch the WATCHMEN allusion in the song request?

Loving the jokes about Dave Cameron, and that Half-Life stinger at the end was hilarious.

"Security Guard Calhoun, stop banging on the door. We know your there; we just don't like you."

I've been thinking of people who would be better as the Dj in Tropico 3 than Juantio; you might just be it. Just like Cave Johnson.

That ending video was amazing. I just have to say it.

Oh yes... and the rest was good too.

Ah man, now I have to watch The Pirates of Dark Waters.

What time is it!?

Nostalgia time!

Ah man, now I have to watch Adventure Time!.

Holy cow. Tune the f**** intro music down. Seriously. The volume levels are ridiculous in this. I have to turn it down every time I start it. Not fun.
Other than that I had a good laugh. Good job Yahtzee!:)

Yathzee is good when your sober, when drunk he's just brilliant and impossible to not laugh at when hearing....

OK I'm wasted, so what is the difference between wasted and drunk? ;-)

On the review quality and game I have no idea I might get back to you when I sobered up for minimum 10h...

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