Building a Successful Kickstarter

Building a Successful Kickstarter

Some tips and tricks to get a leg up on your competition in the age of crowdfunding.

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Very true, I've seen some pretty bad campaigns on Kickstarter, the worst are the ones that seem interesting, but get no funding because it doesn't attract enough people.
I think this might be the ultimate example of a Kickstarter campaign done wrongly.

You forgot one:

#11. Wait more than a damn week after the last big announcement so that prospective investors will have time to refill their coffers. Seriously, These things have been coming faster than a menopausal housewife reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

This might come in handy if I ever decide to use Kickstarter, which may happen later on in my life.
Also, there is no way I could avoid posting this.

I downloaded and read the guide, its well written and well worth the read, if you are aiming to use the model. However there is a few important points that have been missed.

1, Don't bork yourself. Don't commit yourself to things that is going to make yourself unattractive to retailers and publishers. If you commit to no DRM full stop, don't be surprised when you don't get steamworks.

2. Read the rules around advertising. A lot of kickstarters are unclear in their wording, the most common fault is offering a DRM free copy as a reward, which is fine, and then saying the game will be available on steam and your website. That can be read as a DRM free copy will be available on steam, now this doesn't matter if you only need a few 1000 contributes but when you get 80k, like the double fine kickstarter, the odds are that there will be some that will insist on that reading. This could end up getting you bad publicity and/or legal action. Much easier just to say DRM free only from our website and that carries no risk. I'm not saying hire a lawyer but just cover your back

Also, if you don't succed and want to kickstart again, don't start back up immediatly, wait a while and figure out why you didn't met your goals. have a really interesting project but they've made enough mistakes that you could have a whole article dissecting their failures.

Great article, wish I had read it before I launched. A little late to the game but gaining momentum. Check out What's for dinner? on kickstarter. Thanks for all the good advice!

Steam the content distribution service should be distinguished from Steamworks the SDK that provides features to both developer (eg crash reporting, various styles of DRM) and user (eg cloud saves, achievements, in-game chat). If a game doesn't want DRM, it doesn't use DRM. It's that easy!

I've chipped in to several Kickstarter game devs that really needed the sort of general common sense things in this article. It's heartbreaking to see a promising game idea lurch to the finish line unfunded for want of exposure or a badly done/amateurish pitch video.

Oh course, if they can't make a good pitch, maybe its for the best that they not make a game at all.


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