E3: Go "Undercover" Again in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

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You know. I'm going to give it a look. I didn't even glance at MW3 to be completely honest. Heard the regular rainfall of protests and carried on with better things but this one...my curiosity is piqued. They claim big changes and I see one of a few things happening:
1. There are no real changes and the game carries on being ANOTHER rehashed version of CoD
2. The changes are there but not for the better, the game is an unbalanced mess.

But this is the one I hope for
3. The changes are present, they lead to a solid single player, more narrative driven than gung ho and explosions (still present, just played down compared to the last few). Multiplayer is well balanced with new and innovative uses of the various single player tweaks, larger maps, fairer killstreaks while still giving the feeling of accomplishment and better/more innovative level design.

Who knows, maybe this CoD will break the mould, they seem to be trying at least.

as long as it's not as shit as 4, mw2 or mw3 i'll buy (i'm not a troll i just don't like those games)



OK...been there, done that, I'll pass, thanks...
I'll just go back to Tribes:Ascend thankyouverymuch

Cyborgs, Uncheck

Infantry traveling at vehicle speeds, uncheck.

Those CoD worshiping shazbots don't know what speed is.

Vehicles that have good controls, uncheck. Two can play at this game.

OT: I'm really looking forward to this actually, it's sounding to be so much less copy and pasty like MW3. From what I've heard they're completely revamping the multiplayer, and since I thought Black Ops' MP was good but had a few big problems this will be good. Treyarch is now my favorite of the two COD developers.

People use the Shrike (an airplain) to ram people who go over 300 km/h over a really dangerous terrain.
I doubt that would be possible with bad controls.

The only complain that can be made is that the "inverted mouse" should be by default off, as it is on everything else.

Not holding my breath against my will.

I think I have to remain skeptic about it. Black Ops was the worst call of duty in my opinion, and continuing the story just "because"? Might as well turn Black Ops into the next Call of Duty. Hurr it's the son of Mason, let's give him spiky hair and a totally different story. Wow, the last century's Cold War sure does have a lot to do with the future, specially when it's against China. Deerrrrppp.

Also, "Black Ops 2" would generate sales just from it's name. They will be releasing a game with CoD on the title that doesn't have anything in common with CoD - it's supposed to be a linear roller coaster. Just call it Black Ops 2.

Also, electronic bursts? What the hell? I wonder how unbalanced that will be on the multiplayer.

I'm still confused on how Frank Woods is still alive. Didn't he die while fighting Kravchenko? I saw he blow up. Like, c'mon, realism my ass. As a long time Call of Duty fan (since CoD2), I'm still very uninterested in this game. Loved Black Ops for its quirky story and decent multiplayer, but this gameplay is getting way too samey for me.

*queue distortion and industrial music*

In a future where concrete bridges are reinforced with propane, men eat gravel for breakfast, and every single person's favourite colour is grawn1; one man steals the keys to the president's car, and threatens to drive really, really fast.

1) Grawn being a mixture of brown and gray

You, sir, have made my day. I needed a good, hearty laugh.

Probably helps that I read that in the voice of Don LaFontaine.

Can't be worse than MW3 which is the second Worse Call of Duty (3rd is the worse).

I personally don't care about the Single Player, since MW2 it's been shit. The story is ok but the gameplay sucks a lot, it's too much on rails, and repetitive with terrible AI. I'd rather watch the game without playing it.

Multiplayer on the other hand was awesome in World At War, unfortunantly not too many people grabbed the game and the servers were empty. Black Ops on the other hand had fps and technical issues, plus everyone played the shitty Nuketown map. The maps were mediocre for me, but after watching the MW3 ones it became really good compared to those.


Raiyan 1.0:


The other guy didn't seem to be kidding. But well, I just hate the terrible argument you and the other guy were saying. Here, I'll change it to fit Half Life 2.

Guns, check
Vehicle levels, check
Awkward platforming, check
Physics Puzzles, check

Cyborgs, uncheck. OMG WORST GAME EVERY I SHALL GO BACK TO TRIBES ASCEND! It's like saying that if a game doesn't have zombies it's terrible, because your favorite game just happens to have zombies.

HL2 did have cyborgs. The Striders, the Gunships, the Stalkers, the Hunters, every single Combine troops... ;)

I thought of those as aliens in space suits due to being on earth. Also, the other's aren't cyborgs, since cyborgs are human like robots, meaning they have to look like humans. We don't know if the enemies are cyborgs or not, IMO they aren't opinions. But my point is that the guy was basically pointing out all the good new things, but because it doesn't have the new good thing HE likes it's the worst game ever and Tribes is better.

The combine troops are cyborgs, as a cyborg is just a fusion of machine and biomass, now an android is what you're thinking of. And the overwatch is exclusively "trans-human" which means cyborg (Think the protagonists of Deus Ex and Human Revolution.)

OT: Could be interesting, honestly, it could be good, I know people who work at Tryarch, so I have to give them some credit.

As somebody that loves CoD, will be picking this one up as well. Only I hope this time it works day one and I don't have to wait months to be able to play it.

a bit surprised that they focus on the SP. i always thought the MP is the main focus of this series. well, still not sure if i will get it. im more interested in the MP. there are other games with better SP campaigns then COD.

CoD?..... story?.....

Anyway, I really hate to say it but titty wiffle jim jams.

Also, it sounds like every other CoD games.

Random interweb person: But it has da robots.



Well after BF:BC2 got a Vietnam xpack, I wouldn't be shocked if BF3 gets a 2142 xpack. I'm hoping to all hope that this happens.

I hope not. BF3 is still a little too broken for an expansion pack. BF2143 needs to be its own game with open teamspeak, some bug smoothing, and completely reused BF2142 maps (The Karkand maps are so superior to the BF3 maps I don't think DICE know how to make maps anymore).

I already wanted this, then I saw that you could ride horses in a robo-pacalypse. now I have a boner.

So when I told myself I would never play another CoD again, I will probably try this one. Buy it? No. Borrow it from a friend? Sure. Because while Treyarch isn't Infinity Ward, they are set up to make the same mistakes Ward made. And good fucking god, I don't want another Modern rehash 3.

The last few CoD games have just been a blur of explosions and generic gun-fights. Even the somewhat cooler parts don't seem as cool anymore. I want to be interested in this, but I just can't get myself to. Maybe I'll get to try it if a friend gets it, but I won't lose any sleep if I don't X3.

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