Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 13

Media Sandwich Episode 13

This week, for your enjoyment, the guys welcome the infamous cast of Canadians from Loading Ready Run.

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I am Canadian, from Northern Ontario. I really have to ask Americans about the weed thing, Do you really think all we do here is smoke?????

I used to work as a call center employee for Time Warner Cable in LA. I got a gentleman on the phone who was STONED as hell. So we are talking as i fix his cable issues and we trade things like are favourite music etc. Eventually I say the ABOOT thing and he gets all excited saying how he loves us up here and the people. Then he asks " Hey man, your from Canada right???? Is the BC Bud really as mind blowing as people." I deadpan that I don't know as I have clearly never tried. This call made my day and I still laugh about it.

My captcha says I am wishy washy

Awesome episode once again. I really hope you get that job Chris! I quite like Kathleen's sketch idea with the guy looking for toilet paper, I'd like to see that.

Ya know with that first 30 minuets talking about random stuff, mainly food, you guys are becoming more and more like the Escapist pod cast.

Imagine being Dutch. Apparently the introduction of the 'grass pass' was more important to the world than the European crisis :P

Boy what a good episode. Bunch of funny people funnily talking about funny random stuff and my awesome super dumb silly question was asked.

Also thanks for the Nintendo update Chris. Rooting for you.

Yes, I saw some of Smash Lab, but I don't think it was 'the show about explosions'. Their thing seemed to be 'we've got this thing, how about we apply it over here'...
I watched the first four, but in the fourth, which involved sticking rockets on a Winnebago trailer, had a big disaster that the guy barely survived, so... yeah... they're done.

Awesome and/or redundant: the only two podcasts I ever listen to with any regularity (I'll add HAWP to that list soon, especially if/when they get their archives together) joined forces for this episode! Good times, glad to hear the LRR crew in a different context. Sometimes it's good if they're not running the show.

Good luck on the Nin10d0h! job front, man. Got to admit that I'm less than fully convinced that 6 months down the road a 4 hour trip (up and back?) every week to film NRA is going to pan out, but if you have the chance to live your dreams I recommend you take it.

Not only weekly videos of Kathleen petting cats....but videos of Kathleen petting cats shot with the high-speed camera.

Ooo, I got an idea for a guest(s), try to get the Two Best Friends from machinima. They're fun.

ok technically, video is from someone else, but the lets play is them

Or rather, Nintendo pay you not to say bad things about them...


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