Space Janitors: Halftime Show

Halftime Show

Some of the best moments of the show that you might have never seen.

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I don't do much on Facebook, but I like Space Janitors, so I'll like Space Janitors.




Is that a tautology?

That was great. Totally makes up for missing the full episode.

You guys obviously love what you do and put a lot of work into it.

I love your show guys, keep up the good work.

Also, the pickle jar metaphor is freakin' deep.

Hehe, that was pleasant. I am content to wait for new episodes since they have been so high quality.

Also, I have not been able to look at a laser sword the same way.

Now that we have seen more of the show these behind the scenes feels more special. Getting them at the beginning just seemed out of place.

I dunno... pretty early for a clip show... Production values are high and all. The writing is normally tight on the main show and the "Deck Crew" stuff bats about a .500. Not bad for free entertainment. Good luck with your production schedules, dudes and dudettes!

It's looking great. Keep up the work you crazy kids. And para-diving is old balls. Me and my bros are into karate surfing now a days.

Well, I would have liked an episode, but this was surprisingly contenting. Maybe it was the jokes, the alternate scenes, the bloopers. I don't know. I just know that I enjoyed it. Looking forward to next week, though.

Wow, didn't realize this was quite such a large production, but then again I was surprised when I realized how big the cast really was. Very nice clipshow, quite funny scenes there. I especially enjoyed the clone who failed to be locked out by that door. ^^
Looking forward to the next proper episode.

I really like the series so far.. I understand it is tough to complete all the CG effects in this production, but if the South Park team can go from having absolutely nothing to a full 24 minute episode in 6 days well..

I love the show guys. :) While sad that I don't get to watch a new episode, I am happy to see the behind the scenes work you do. Cause it's a lot of work that otherwise may go unappreciated! And I appreciate it. :)

keep up the good work guys. Do you read these comments?

Yup, we read the comments :)
Thanks for all the feedback and support. There's been a surge of facebook likes after this video came out, we're really happy to see that. That kind of stuff really helps the project continue, people need to talk about the show and share it since we don't advertise. It's really rewarding to see the numbers growing!

I've grown to really love this show (especially Deck Crew). Keep it up guys.
Thanks for sharing this. There were some really funny moments we probably would have never seen :D

I never knew so much effort went into the show, it's fun to see that! Looking forward to the next episode, I don't mind waiting for quality!

wait...seasons? you mean there's goint to be MOAR?!

oh sweet jeebus, yes.

Space Janitors is great. I'm looking forward to the next. All hail Dark Lord!

I went and I liked and I hope that helps you guys keep going, because obviously this is a lot of work but it is a very nice short to watch and I do look forward to the episodes :)

Ok, so I haven't actually watched this before, so I don't know if its been asked.

But are you sitting down in trooper armour? Thigh pieces and all? Or did you take them off to do that shot? I say this purely because I own the armour and no, I cannot sit down in it. Ever.

Evil Smurf:
keep up the good work guys. Do you read these comments?

Absolutely!! Love to know what you guys like / love / hate about what we're doing. Keep up the comments!


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