Trailers: Deadlight - Fear Yourself Trailer

Deadlight - Fear Yourself Trailer

A very interesting take on an old idea.

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I love this rejuvenation of well-done apocalypse games between The Last of Us, Deadlight and The Walking Dead series players will have no problem getting their fill of the end of the world done right. This trailer had to have one of the more interesting art styles I've seen in a while, the comic book style cutscenes are nothing new, but look to be extremely well done nonetheless.

Why look it's Limbo by way of 28 Days Later.
That actually sounds pretty neat.

That was one of the most poorly designed trailers I've seen in awhile. Half of the time I had no idea what the voice overs were even talking about. I don't even know if the game is supposed to be about a realistic disaster or a zombie apocalypse.

Mr Wayne? Bruce Wayne?



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