80: Fat Music

"'Maybe this is asking too much. Maybe I'm looking in an inappropriate place for Art. But game audio seems to have skipped from beating on log drums, right to record-company politics and robber baron aspirations. I had expected a Woodstock stage in there somewhere.
'And you know what? I know I'm not alone, and I certainly haven't given up hope.'
Indeed. The Fat Man has talked this talk for well over a decade. More to the point, in all that time, in significant ways, with increasing numbers of colleagues, The Fat Man has been walking the walk."
Allen Varney speaks to The Fat Man.

Fat Music

The Fat Man is, absolutely, one of the most interesting people to have achieved notoriety in games. I'm glad to hear about this Project Horseshoe.

Nice article, Allen. The Fat Man is a real gem in this industry, and it's always inspiring to hear what he's cooking up.


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