80: Aural Fixation

"The sound element added a thrilling aspect I had not previously experienced in a computer game. Being a thief, silent movement was all important. I could run, but that would be noisy and might attract the attention of a guard patrol. I could walk gently; walk on grassy edges instead of the paved street. My heart was always in my throat, my ears always keenly attuned for any sound. I was hooked."

Carolyn Koh explores the spellbinding effects of today's games' advanced soundscapes.

Aural Fixation

I really enjoyed Ms. Koh's well written article. I did, however,find her choice of focusing on Lost Planet: EXTREME CONDITION a bit strange. I too enjoyed the teeth chattering wind, snow crunching boot steps of this title AFTER I turned the horribly repetitive, intrusive excuse for a soundtrack completely off.


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