The British Are Coming!

The British Are Coming!

UR Right Explanation explained to us by the fair and upright No Right Answer crew.

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So, I figure I should weigh in and offer my own explanation...

I'm Daniel, the Bill Nye arguer from the Best Tv Scientist video. First of all, big thanks to Dan, Chris, and Kyle for this amazing contest. I had a blast filming and editing the video, something I've never done before. Which leads me to the audio issue. I have no clue what happened. We filmed it using my friend's tablet and edited it using the new Windows Movie Maker (which I have since been informed is terrible). So apologies there. But not bad for a first attempt, if you don't mind my saying.

To Chris: Never even thought of Dexter until you mentioned it. I'll admit, the title was a bit nebulous. Mr. Wizard is probably the only other person who would fit the category we were arguing.

To Kyle: I don't know why, but when the contest was announced, this was the first topic that popped into my head. It never occurred to me that the appeal would be limited.

To everyone: I did have to cut a section of the video for time, where we discussed the merchandising of each character. Ronin mentioned the Beakman's World board game, which was basically Mouse Trap...WITH SCIENCE! I countered with the Beakman's World planetarium, which came with an audio tape. Right in the middle of the tape, the tone becomes deathly serious. "The sun is going to explode. Impossibly hot flames will engulf the planet, ending all a few millions years." But as a kid, all you hear is "The Sun is going to kill you!" Ultimately, it didn't synch as well with the rest of the debate, so it got cut.

The points were done Whose Line style (completely made up). Since we had the spit take disqualification, I just added them in to better mimic the usual NRA style. My inexperience with Movie Maker prevented me from adding in any images properly, which I wanted to do in order to hide the jump cuts.

Hope everyone who entered had fun with it and I hope all the viewers enjoyed our homage to the Great Debaters.

Really enjoyed the contest - was great to see some different points of view and debating styles (thought all the finalists were good). It also helped that the winning topic is something that could be argued back and forth forever without getting a definitive answer (how can you choose between player freedom and great writing?). Would be interested to know whose side you'd argue on...
Also like how you explained your choices - thanks for the tutorial Dan!

I don't know if I liked this contest. I'm all for offering some random internet people a chance at a broader audience, but isn't that kinda... What youtube is for?

I mean maybe I'm being completely close minded, but I tune in weekly to see Chris and Kyle debate. When someone else is thrown in, it's a surprise. When both of them are removed it's foreign and like the first episode of No Right Answer I watched, takes just one slip up and I move on without thinking twice.

I'm all for linking and plugging said youtube video with a debate from two guys trying to emulate this show, but as a fan I feel cheated when that's the weekly debate. There's just something about the energy/content/hosts/production value/etc of the show that mixes well. These entries (All accept the Apples and Oranges one, that one wasn't too far off.) didn't have 'it'.


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