No Right Answer: Best Standup Comedian Ever

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Best Standup Comedian Ever

Two guys walk into a debate. The first guy asks, "Who's the best standup comedian ever?" to which the second guy says something about a goat. Ok, so I'm clearly not the best standup comedian, but who is?

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Cosby Vs Carlin? Pfft. Richard Pryor!

Or Rodney Dangerfield. Both awesome as hell.

I don't like Carlin or Cosby but then I am not american so it is possible that I did not get half the jokes when I have watched both of them in the past.

I knew Carlin would be one of them because he's the obvious choice and gets my vote. But Cosby? Sure he's funny and unique, but he doesn't epitomize stand up comedy like Carlin or so many others. I haven't seen enough of Richard Pryor's stuff, but I've always heard people speak of him as the greatest.

Eddie Izzard > all

Shit Piss Fuck Cunt CockSucker MotherFucker and Tits. For those that don't know Carlin's 7 dirty words.

I'd also like to add in Jim Gaffigan, Lewis Black, Gabriel Iglesias.

Edit: If he were to be a stand-up comedian Dave Brockie would totally beat everyone.

No, I disagree. There are many fantastic stand-up comedians, like Eddie Izzard, Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy. But there is only one man at the top, and that man is Christopher Titus.

It's Ron White you dam Yankees!

Between these two? Carlin without a shred of doubt.

If I were to nominate someone? Eddie Izzard. While he hasn't been AS funny recently, I can watch his older shows repeatedly and still find them funny.

I don't know if this is possible to agree with this, simply because comedy is an opinion.

I swear half you wouldn't know who it was if it didn't say who it was.

I would contend that Steve Martin is the greatest comedian of all time. He revolutionized the industry for later generations. When other comedians were talking about the world and making observations, Steve was up there pickin on his banjo singing songs about his grandmother. The guy just got up onto that stage and acted a fool. And that is what was so brilliant about his routine. He just acted silly all of the time. And he was incredibly talented in other areas as well. He is a talented musician, writer, actor, comedian, and all around great guy. Carlin can't even touch Steve Martin when it comes to being a Renaissance Man. Not only does his (early) filmography speak for itself, but he was also one of the major pioneers of SNL back in its glory days. He has mellowed out recently, mainly spending his time playing in blue grass bands, but it wasn't so long ago that everything he touched turned to comedic gold.

Honorable mentions would go to Eddie Izzard and Louis C.K.

I love so many standup comedians, but I gotta go with Carlin personally. I know that stand up comics themselves love Richard Pryor. That may be because the man pretty much invented racial comedy. But more importantly he became an icon for the time. Carlin also became a counter-culture icon. Either way, both are hilarious.

There is no answer to this question. It's one of those things where everyone has their own completely different opinions and everyone treats their own as if it's irrefutable fact. But it's one of the most subjective things out there, along with music.

I like George Carlin but not that much. From what I've seen his material doesn't seem to be that varied. That might just be because the range on Youtube is a bad representation of his work but I'm not really convinced he's as good as people say he is. I've seen almost nothing of Bill Cosby and what I have seen tends to be making fun of how crap he is, so I don't see how he can be considered best comedian ever.

I can't really think of my own choices. I don't really like stand up comedy that much. I prefer other types. I guess Russell Howard is pretty good, but his stuff tends to be making fun of things instead of actually making up his own jokes. I used to like Michael McIntyre, but I kind of got bored of him. I don't get all the hate he gets either. There's far more annoying comics out there who people love. But I haven't watched either of them in ages, and they rank pretty low on comedians I actually like. I suppose Jimmy Carr ranks higher for me.

If we're not restricting just to stand ups then I guess I would go for people like the Pythons, Stephen Fry, David Mitchell, Rowan Atkinson or Vic Reeves. Noel Fielding is pretty hilarious but I haven't seen much of his stuff. I've not seen more than 10 minutes of The Mighty Boosh and I've never seen Luxury Comedy either. Never Mind The Buzzcocks is where I know him from. Him and Simon Amstell on that show were amazing.

And while I'm at it I might as well say something that will piss of a lot of people and prove my first point. I hate Ricky Gervais. He's an unfunny dick whose "comedy" consists of nothing but awkward pauses. His popularity is completely undeserved. Also Russell Brand. Fuck that arrogant prick.

What about Bill Hicks?

Where the fuck is Bill Bailey in this debate?

Bailey=Epic Win


I'd also like to add in Jim Gaffigan, Lewis Black, Gabriel Iglesias.

great choices man. Jim Gaffigan is my personal favourite but I would say that Carlin is the best ever.

What about Bill Hicks?

So much this. It's sad that he doesn't get much credit. He said the things Carlin talked about anywhere between 5-20 before him; incredibly ahead of his time. In truth, Hicks was more stand-up philosophy than stand-up comedy. I aspire to be like Hicks, though, Carlin was nothing short of great in his own right.

Carlin hands down.....followed by Bill Hicks

also Shit Piss Fuck Cunt Cocksucker Motherfucker Tits

To me, Stewart Lee is the best stand-up ever.

He tells it to you straight, like a pear cider made from 100% pear.

what about monkey boy himself lee evans

Carlin vs Titus; Carlin wins.

Cosby's not even in the top five, sorry. :-P

No love for late and great Patrice O'Neal?

Doug Stanhope, baby!

No love for late and great Patrice O'Neal?

PIT BULL WOOF!!! Elephant in the room is available on youtube. It is awesome.

However my favorite comics goes
1. Bill Hicks
2. George Carlin
3. Louie CK
4. Patton Oswalt
5. Patrice O'Neal

Too many dead funny guys

For me, Eddie Izzard is the absolute master of stand-up. Closely followed by Louis C.K., although my current favourite comic routine is Dara O Briain's video games bit...

George Carlin is the best, hands down. 'And the head rolls down this little hill and into one of five numbered holes.'

Carlin is funny, never seen Cosby but without a doubt my favorite comedian is Jim Jeuffries, he is a fucking genius, never laughed as hard at any other stand up than him. Jeff Dunham is also funny but he has a lot of hate for some reason, the people who hate Jim are mostly butthurt christians.

Can't say I know any other stand up comedian who steals an ice cream from a kid and then flies away, so I'm gonna go with Louis CK.

" can't say on radio or television... or on the Escapist"

I've always wondered about this, especially with Bob beeping out his cursing. Does the Escapist have a rule that its content can't use harsh language? Is Yahtzee an exception just because that's his "thing"?

Between Carlin and Cosby, I'd go with Cosby. Carlin was great for his time, but personally I find his comedy pretty bland now. Cosby will be timeless forever. In 100 years, do you think people will remember the 10 commandments bit? Or chocolate pudding?

Outside of the two, I'd say Louis CK.

I'm going with Carlin, dude's funny as hell and always manages to make a good point somewhere in his stand ups.

There's never any talk of Don Rickles though. For god's sake, the man still performs sold out shows in Vegas even though he's 86. He's the only white guy that could say to Muhammad Ali, "Ali, we'd ask you to talk, but you know the blacks, your lips lock" and still get laughs. AND he is probably the only person that Johnny Carson had no problem letting him walk on set. This is the guy Johnny freakin' Carson called when he needed someone to fill in.

Don Rickles is easily the wittiest person I've seen, if only because he proved that racism is ok as long as it's hilarious. (Although I don't think he's racist himself, as he says, "Black, white, brown, purple, it doesn't matter to me. I make fun of them all.")

"And you Christians, you have that wonderful sign. That sign of the cross. And to us Jews, that sign means the interstate is blocked, take the next exit."
"I kid. I kid. We need the Chinese. Cause otherwise us Jews would have no place to eat on Christmas."

Cosby Vs Carlin, a bit like comparing the Bee Gees and Led Zeppelin isn't it?

I mean, both great in their own rights but completely different genres.

People need to recognize the genres within Standup, also people need to go watch some Stewart Lee, dude completely destroys standup and is technically the 41st best standup in the world.

Of the two, it's Carlin.

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