Space Janitors: Episode 5

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Geoff Lapaire:
yup, that's it. The hand switch is something the brain doesn't really pick up on, I was glad to be able to cut those two takes together.

I'd say the edit worked well if we needed a tipoff to spot it. I did notice that LN9-K switched from direct mimicking to mirror image at the tail end of the "best date ever" scene. But the goofy gesticulating whilst staring blanky forward was too hillarious to nitpick using the wrong hands.


Geoff, your name is all over this endeavor: co-creator, writer, director, editor. You wear many hats. And your vision is clearer than the Giant Laser techs. I know they weren't seeing anything through those welding masks.

Okay. You found your funny on this one. The laser gag was sweet and Ellen 9's disgusted look was priceless.


Xion Dominagus:
Anyone else think that the circle logo with the square(Two triangles) inside of it looks like the Guardian Symbol from Reboot?

You are the fourth person to mention it this thread.

Sorry, that was a little curt of me. Yes, that's the Reboot logo.

Hell yea I knew it.

"It's over between you two, you need to _move along_"

This line was easily my favourite in the whole series. Such a nice little touch, very witty.

Everything about this series is just brilliant! Long may it live on.

The ReBoot logo is everywhere. Does this actually take place in Mainframe?


The ReBoot logo is everywhere. Does this actually take place in Mainframe?

It's such a frelling relief to see some one else mention it :)
Yes it will be awesome if its just another game on the Mainframe, or even better the "NET"...

You two are my new favourite people right now.

I would love to see a Deck Crew short where they are repairing the continuity drive on the ship. As a result the entire episode is filled with discontinuities like this hand switch here, or bits out of sequence, or different actors switching in/out. This idea has some big potential for hillarity. Mull it! (I'll require crediting and back end points.)

I fully endorse this idea! Make it, make it now!

Hah, that was a good episode, loved it. Wonderful acting from LN :D Keep it coming!

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