Trailers: War of the Roses - Death Before Dishonor

War of the Roses - Death Before Dishonor

Smash in some plate-mail with War of the Roses.

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I can't put my finger on it, but there's something goofy about the blood splatters in the game. Still, I'm looking to see more on the game now.

I'm quite looking forward to this game but I really hope they improve the animations before release.

Wow, this is so different from what Paradox normally do. Think they can pull it off?

Still waiting for a beta for this game, I would probably play the shit out of it.

Am I the only one disappointed that this didn't turn out to be a Spy vs. Spy like game between a married couple that hates each other's guts and tries to abuse/murder each other in gruesome ways?



*goes back into his cave to rewatch the movie*

All enthusiasm for the game itself aside, that was one of the worst trailers I can remember seeing in the last five years.

* Horribly out-of-style music
* Lacklustre animations showcased at several points
* No "epic" feel - which is what Mount and Blade, this game's chief competitor, has in spades
* Hard-to-read in-world feature text
* The previously-noted silly blood splatters
* No sound outside the music
* Scenes, such as the archer and the man getting hit in the face, that are supposed to feel connected but simply don't
* A general feel that this shows off the combat in exactly the wrong way - as combat/gameplay, it's great; as the focus of a trailer... not so much.

If no one has seen early gameplay footage, here is some:

Looks like an amazing game and I can't wait for it to be released.

So it's M&B with an animation update.

Wow that divorce is getting nasty. I wish Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas could resolve their differences without bloodshed.



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