E3 Preview: Fable: The Journey

E3 Preview: Fable: The Journey

What a difference a year makes.

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You're right Molyneux, the Vita is way to Gimmicky. Now lets continue the work on this Kinect game!

You're right Molyneux, the Vita is way to Gimmicky. Now lets continue the work on this Kinect game!

Actually I think I heard that He left Lionhead so he is no longer working on this.

Yes, he left Lionhead and started a new gaming company, 22Cans.

dammit people, rail shooters were annoying when the came out on the wii how do they think that this will be any fun on a better piece of technology that's wasted on that genre?

Still not interested, Fable 3 was disappointing as hell and I'm not really a fan of rail shooters and am not shelling out money for a kinect, I know friends who will probably get it, I can play it at their house (or more likely watch them play it) It's a win/win and keeps money in my pocket.

LOVED Fable: The Lost Chapters, HATED Fable 2 (except for that one quest with the Necronomicon AND all the creepy demon doors) thought Fable 3 was decent, definitely better then 2 but this is just the final nail in Fable's coffin (or was it that puppet game thing?)

Nope, not interested in the least. The Fable series should have just stopped after 3, no need for this iteration whatsoever.

I'm cautiously optimistic about Journey, but this is Lionhead's last chance to make a decent Fable game. Fable III was a disaster, and I don't even want to mention that puppet smut they just released.

If this tanks, the franchise is done. No question about it.

Steve Butts:
All the spells are gesture based. Hold your left arm up in front of your face to create a shield....

hold your right hand before your face and bring it sharply to you face...


Someone needs to drop this whole fable thing before it blows up in their face.... wait too late!


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