Trailers: Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Gameplay

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Gameplay

Chase down other racers while simultaneously outrunning the law.

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Woah, woah, woah, the original Most Wanted only came out in 2005!

Woah, woah, woah, the original Most Wanted only came out in 2005!

Don't. Care.

It was one of the best game play experiences I ever had, my first racing game that I loved, and it had all the sexy "I JUST BROKE YOUR AXEL BY BEING TOO GOOD" handling.

It will be mine.

... you probably don't care that it will be mine. I do, though.

captcha: gee whiz.

You god damned right, Captcha.

So shouldn't this be NFS: Most Wanted 2 then?

It does look amazing.

Most Wanted (the last one) made me fall in love with the franchise, and by all appearances this one will suck me back in.

DAMN YOU! I was already planning on reinstalling nfs mw on my computer...but you just couldn't let it wait could you!*puts cd in tray* I hope you're happy.

Good trailer

People are already whining that this game doesn't have extensive customization options (apparently) so I doubt I'll hear anything but rage and broken dreams about this.

Funnily enough all the customization arguments arose after NFS Shift (before that they were arguments of "WE WANT TUNING!!!!") when they learned that tuning involves suspension settings and gear ratios and NOT neon under lights and tinted windows.


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