Trailers: Defiance - E3 Trailer

Defiance - E3 Trailer

Defiance is attempting to do something grand and unique.

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Was this not the plan for Stargate Universe and the Stargate MMO that never took off? Or am I just crazy?

Anyways, the idea itself intrigues me, but I don't see how this will work to any meaningful extent.

Anyone else think this would have just been better as just one or the other?

All this connectivity stuff is probably just going to be in the way, either one product or the other will be good, or neither of them, because I just can't see MMO-TV going over well.

This certainly won't be easy to pull off, but I really admire the ambition of even attempting it.

Unfortunately I'm not in the least bit enthused by MMO's. However, if I were, they could colour me very interested indeed.

This thing sounds like a massive griefer magnet if you ask me.

This sounds like an interesting experiment and from a business point of view they could potentially pull in people from both markets. I'll definately be interested how it turns out and I hope it works out for them. I'll also be watching the first episode to see if it's any good, but it could of course still be years before we ever see a pilot.

This is very interesting. If the TV show is really good, then maybe I'll get the game. But I can't help but feel like one or both will be mediocre. More likely that the game will be the rushed, uglier product.

Interesting concept, but I'm not all that interested in an MMO. Might check out the TV show, though.

Christ, these guys are stuck up. "It's the holy grail" "Ultimate entertainment package". I stuck to it for about 3 minutes of them saying that until I couldn't take it any more.

Actual information or GTFO

I do find it somewhat aggravating that there are half a dozen threads discussing the apparent absence of new games and IP, while this thread, showing a game the OP refers to as "attempting to do something grand and unique," has so few views. It would seem the vocal groups here are asking for a large budget, untested and original IP to come out of a large brand name (the only group capable of spending such money), but refuse to look to the wealth of smaller developed titles.

Anything that isn't advertised on Steam isn't a game, if you read into the thoughts of such vocal individuals here, and even some that are still fall short.

Oh mannnnn it sounded so good until I heard MMO. Single player rpg in this world would be amazing! Humans and alien rebels working together to throw off an oppressive alien/human government... That's what i'd pay to play.


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