Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 14

Media Sandwich Episode 14

This week the Media Sandwich crew appears as a guest on their own podcast. Confusion abounds.

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I worked at a laser tag place for a few months. Was both one of the best and worst jobs I've had. It was great because it was pretty laid back and most of the people were nice. It was bad because the boss was a total jerk-face who underpaid me and fired me for calling him on it. The place was a complete dump though, with most of the 'obstacles' being made of cardboard or poorly nailed together wood, and the whole thing was painted like someone put fluro paint in a blender and left the lid off. The equipment was also really dodgy, breaking if you so much as breathed on it.

Hey! Watson from the show here.


Yeah, I kinda get what you mean. I acted for a year as a marshal for my college's DartTag Saturdays. It was a lot of fun, but there were certainly times I wished I wasn't that year. Gotta coordinate with the school so no one calls the cops, gotta keep a room of at least two dozen undergrads from accidentally murdering each other, and soo many petty complaints about some of the games. Had some amazing times, but there were certainly the downs. Then again, what in life isn't like that?

Also got a chance to put "one year as runner and safety marshall with large nerf events" on my application. Never thought I'd be able to put that on a resume!

Still haven't heard back from laser tag, though. Might go bug them about it again today.

I just tried a peanut butter and ham sandwich and I gotta say, suprisingly good. I mean it's not earth shattering, but it'll get the job done. Nice to know it's an option.

It's funny how badly people react to furries, despite the fact that the person cosplaying as a videogaming character is probably just dressing up as the character without really meaning to be "furry".
I don't think furries would be offended or outraged by a non-furry dressing up as a furry, but there's definitely a scandal by the other party.
Meh, do what you want and endure the flak.


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