E3 Preview: Lego City Undercover

This was one of the more exciting games of E3 for me.

It looks like good, solid fun and if I get a Wii U I will look out for this one.

I already know I'm getting this, but it's great to hear that it seems like a good title. A cute, silly version of GTA (without all the floppy dildos and sexy nuns of Saints Row) seems a perfect fit in the Lego universe.

This is the Lego game they should have made in the first place, instead of bringing out all that licenced crap. The day we see a Lego Pirates game that is based on the actual lego set and NOT Pirates of the Caribbean will be a glorious day indeed.

Looks interesting. I'm still not sold on the wii u either. Also what happened to Lego Cowboys? I swear they had those.


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