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Actually...since it's Pixar

Who said it was Pixar? I'm pretty sure this is a Disney only movie.

Main reason why I haven't seen it is 3D-only format
For God's sake what happened to 2D and 3D choice?
I personally can't stand 3D (was on Avatar and John Carter of Mars- it was worse than meh :( )
So I'll need to wait till DVD release or something

BTW review had only minor spoilers (anyone who was interested in development of movie already knew that)

Your review was a little weird. There were a lot of weird pauses compared to your other reviews and it was very distracting.

Well, since both Alien and Aliens, especially Aliens, were some of my favorite movies since my childhood, and they still are, I can't help but to feel curiosity at this movie, even if it's not as great as many expected, I'll take it with a grain of salt and expectations turned down a notch or two.

As for Wreck-It-Ralph... yeah... that's all kinds of awesome. I almost yelled at my friend just to get him to watch the trailer. And he loved it too.

Think you missed an example in your 'aliens are god' list, you know the sci-fi epic that's by far the most popular recent example? The one with which you have a complicated history? The one which has a massive dose of Heinlein and would have fit right in on a video game website?

Seems like this film validates my personal philosophy of paying as little attention to media around releases as possible,its only the age of too-much-information if you insist on absorbing all the information. Bob cant do this as his job depends on it but I've never got why everyone is expected to follow these things.

interestingly this was written by someone who worked on Lost. Might explain why the ending goes a bit flat

The film was a complete mess of ideas all thrown around that never cared to sort.
**Spoilers** The engineers an advanced space faring race that decided to create life elsewhere had to do it through sacrificing one of them. Pointless and over dramatic. Scientists that have machines that can map areas in minutes making a wrong turn, pathetic cliché. Biologist in the future encounter alien life forms and act like its a kitty. Space Zombies. Scientists who encounter thousands of alien vessels and don't bother to analyse. An actual alien engineer awakening from thousands of years of sleep and acting like he was high on bathing salts. These are few of the ridiculous ideas Riddley Scot had for a hard science horror film. Terrible terrible terrible. Alien films were a mess as well but they had a feature that made you forgive anything Ellen Ripley. The best ever written female protagonist. Prometheus failed to make you care about anyone.

Alright, you said it explains the space jockey and where the xenomorphs come from and now I HAVE to see this movie.

Based on what I've seen and heard, Prometheus looks like a well-made film that I'm not all that interested in. And it's because I've lost my taste for anything "Aliens".

I might see it for the technical craft work and cinematography, but interested in the plot, I am not.

The best parts about the film were the visuals and the kills. The dialogue ranges from mediocre to cringe-worthy, and the "big ideas" are so dumb and poorly executed it physically touches your brain in a bad way.

I still don't know if I'd call it a straight up prequel.

More a spin-off/side story type thing set in the same universe perhaps?

I liked the movie-ish...

A couple things kept me from enjoying it. First of all, they go through a bunch of dialogue to tell you that this ENTIRE crew is engineers and scientists (plus an android). Why do none of them BEHAVE as scientists? If nobody had said anything, I would have assumed they were all campers at camp crystal lake. They have pretty much NO self preservation instinct.

"I'm gonna bring this flame-thrower for protection!"
"Hell no, this is a SCIENCE expedition. Just because we are heading into an unknown enviroment doesn't mean that we can't assume that everything is safe and the 'engineers' will welcome us with open arms. After all, we must have been INVITED here by all the ancient peoples of the world."

"Hey, the air is breathable in here."
"Great, time to take off all our helmets, after all, in this alien planet there couldn't possibly be any dormant germs or viruses that will wipe us all out." Everyone else follows suite.

There are more, but you get the picture that nobody who knew crap about science or history had anything to do with this script. Meanwhile two engineers that get creeped out by the single dead alien go back to the ship, get lost on the apparently short trip back, get stuck in the place during a sandstorm, find a bunch of dead bodies, hear about a life reading to the west so they go east, wind up EXACTLY where they were before and have NO problem staying the night there with the creepy black tar stuff oozing out of jars and the white snake things. "hey, that thing looks just like a creepy snake. Maybe we should play with it!" These guys are not drunk, so they should DEFINATELY not act like it. You have to watch the movie to realize JUST HOW STUPID this scene actually is.

Also, Charleze Therone isn't a bad guy. They kinda imply that she's a bit selfish and ambitious, but she's extremely competant, actually has common sense, and is a better character than ANY of the so called engineers, or even the main female lead. I really do consider it criminal in the end for her to get what could be seen as 'come-uppins' death. You know the type. You could probably name about a thousand of them. Tell me, when was the last time you watch a movie where a GOOD character ran away, and just when they start to feel safe: SHARK ATTACK!!!!

Now the aliens/AVP series really only has one flaw that ruins any of the movies. That's when you start to mess with the basics of the alien. Queen lays eggs. eggs become facehuggers and puts critter in host. Critter bursts out of chest and runs off. Critter somehow grows without any need for nutrients and is able to create lairs out of nothing as well. Critter has two mouths and tons of teeth yet most times only wants to knock out the hosts to bring back to be implanted. Oh yeah, and they mostly come at night... mostly...

Once you go away from the formula it gets REALLY stupid. Alien resurection had that stupid alien-human hybrid, and AVP2 had the face-raper. Seriously, the face-raper hospital scene in AVP2 was a new benchmark for terrible.

Now Prometheus was NOWHERE NEAR that league of horrible, but it is fitting the one thing that ruins alien movies. Trying to be clever where clever isn't needed. Oh yeah, and being stupid where smart is required.

Yeah, it's worth watching, but don't expect the second coming of aliens. Also, like always, 3D is a worthless gimmick that is wasted in pretty much every movie. Save yourself a headache and just watch it in 2D.

No love for Idris Elba? I thought he was pretty good. Sure it had some plot holes and seemed to be missing about 20 minutes of exposition but I really enjoyed it. Between this, the Avengers and The Raid its been a good month or so for cinema.

Just saw the Wreck-it-Ralph trailor and it just nags at me, those are a LOT of copyrighted characters how is it possible? Did they get permission from all those companies? Who knows, maybe I'm just stuck back when it was a HUGE deal for Disney and Warner Bros. to both have characters in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Also, does anybody else think Ralph (John C. Reilly) sounds a lot like Steve Butts?


wait .... wreck it ralph has actual game characters in it ... o.o like one we know, and they look like they should *mind blown*

catchpa: fifth colemn
fuck .... the catchpa is throwing in with nazi's now

wind up EXACTLY where they were before and have NO problem staying the night there with the creepy black tar stuff oozing out of jars and the white snake things. "hey, that thing looks just like a creepy snake. Maybe we should play with it!" These guys are not drunk, so they should DEFINATELY not act like it. You have to watch the movie to realize JUST HOW STUPID this scene actually is.

Well, technically one of them was high. They made some stupid comment about how he had hooked up some "cigarette" system in his system and then do the "wink wink its not cigarettes routine". The problem with this is that he still has more sense than the other guy who is supposed to be sober.

This movie was terrible. I'll admit that the visuals were nice and the actors themselves seemed to be doing the best with what they were given. But, the script was awful.

Nothing made any sense. The plot felt so disjointed that it was like individual scenes were written with no consideration for how it would flow in a story.

I actually have such a problem with every aspect of this story that I will put the rest of my response in a spoiler tag because I will go through everything.

As someone who never saw the original Alien. Can I watch this and enjoy it? Will I still enjoy Alien after watching Prometheus?

OT I still say it looks stunning if nothing else. I know graphics are over rated, but this looks legit! As for plot... there seems to be a Phantom Menace thing going on.

Farther than stars:

metal mustache:
... actually i did not know it was an alien prequel.

Yeah, me neither, but now it all makes sense... and now I'm still not gonna see it anyway.

No offense, but how does anyone seeing a trailer including the space jockey, or even the derelict ship, not know it's an alien prequel?


Only major beef I had with this film was the stupid mutated rage monster that showed up outside the Prometheus airlock. It seemed entirely unnecessary and a bit of a cop-out if I'm being perfectly honest here. I suppose the idea was that the black goop that is coming out of the urns is what turned the earthworms into those bigger worm aliens (I guess like an evolutionary catalyst) and that is what got all over the geologists helmet, but why on earth would it simply just enlarge the size of his head and give him the ability to breathe the outside atmosphere?

I still find myself confused though haha. The whole idea that the engineers came to Earth long before, left one of theirs behind to drink the goop, and in essence become the genetic seed to produce life on earth, was really interesting, but I still don't understand why they would want to go back and destroy it. So in the end we discover the answer to the fictional beginnings of humankind, but Ridley leaves us with a bigger question as to why the engineers wished to terminate us.

***********************END SPOILERS********************

Loved this movie though. I don't see to much else being gleaned from a repeated theater viewing, but I'm pretty excited for an extended directors cut in the near future.


As someone who never saw the original Alien. Can I watch this and enjoy it? Will I still enjoy Alien after watching Prometheus?

OT I still say it looks stunning if nothing else. I know graphics are over rated, but this looks legit! As for plot... there seems to be a Phantom Menace thing going on.

I actually read your question the other way around the first time, damnit. I'd say if you would've enjoyed Alien before seeing Prometheus, you'll enjoy seeing it after. There's only one big, direct thing that gets diminished by Prometheus, and that's the space jockey. All the mystery was sucked out of that thing, and to no payoff.


Dammit guy, stop making me notice the stupidity of the plot more than I already did in the theater! My rating of the film is gonna drop if you keep this up.

It's really disappointing to me how badly they failed on the writing level. Technically, the film was nothing short of astonishing. The CG - stellar, the sets - huge, the violence - worth a rewatch, but the story... It pains my heart.

People misusing the word "hype."

Hundreds of thousands of people this weekend are gonna go see the movie Prometheus this weekend. For the past year and change, we've been inundated with teasers, viral videos, trailers, fancy Comic-Con presentations, and more marketing material for that film than any I can think of in recent memory. That's all "hype." And, without question, you're going to hear a lot of folks shambling from their local multiplex saying the same thing:

"Well, that was overhyped."

And I sort of detest that. For one specific reason:

"Hype" has nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of the film itself. "Hype" is a product of marketing. It's advertising. When you say "that was overhyped," basically what you're saying is, "they spent too much money marketing this thing."Under every criteria of criticism, that is exceptionally poor criticism.

This isn't the whole article but a very good start, and I'd recommend anyone else read the rest below. It has to do with, not really the movie in general, but why saying things are "overhyped" is stupid.

Prometheus might as well have been pitched as a remake. It looks like it wants to ask big questions and pursue its own story, but it ends up paying lip service to the Alien franchise so much, it plays out almost exactly the same scenes, beat for beat.

The prequel business is totally pointless. It's like in the The Thing prequel; extrapolating the backstory of the original, that didn't need exploring in the first place. The Space jockey is just a plot device, and there for atmosphere. We are not better off, seeing a two hours examination of it.

Prometheus just feels like a cop-out - like the producers were too afraid to tell an original story, so it resorts to clinging onto the Alien franchise so much, it ceases to tell its own story.

I went to a midnight premiere last and I thought it was pretty solid. It wasn't Blade Runner or Alien by any stretch of the word but I'm glad I went. Fassbender stole every scene that he was in and was my favorite part of the movie hands down.

Errr, well the whole "Ancient Aliens" thing was always fairly mainstream long before "Chariots Of The Gods" and similar works. HP Lovecraft built huge amounts of his Cthulhu mythos off of the idea of ancient aliens of various varieties visiting earth in a distant pre-history. A lot of those "gods" are from space, which is something that a lot of people imitating Lovecraft or cribbing from his work nowadays tend to forget. Indeed, when some of the more current ancient aliens stuff was being used, there were referances to people more or less taking Lovecraft's writing seriously. This is before we even get into Scientology, which has itself has had a lot of it's dogma outed (and usually mocked) for decades now as well, leading to things like lawsuits intended to protect their secrets from publication and distribution via things like BBS systems or now the Internet/World Wide Web.

Despite how it might seem (for those who got through the first bit) my point here isn't to pick, so much as to say that I think that Bob is pretty much right, it's just he's understating how tired the whole thing is. Basically what Ridley Scott did was cast the Aliens more or less in the role of Lovercraft's flying polyps, which today aren't all that obscure despite nerds liking to think so, given that we've even seen South Park (which is about as pop culture as you can get) making Cthulhu cracks and that's just the tip of the Iceberg...

I'm kind of torn between opinions about Prometheus. I enjoyed it as a fiction/horror movie (with a few plot holes) but as an Alien Precursor it was pretty average.

My main problem with the film is that the crew down talk to each other, the part where Shaw "gives birth" via cesarean is mentioned once in a fleeting comment (she was also supposed to be put in Quarantine) and that one line that one throwaway line that was so overly dramatic and had no impact on the story or characters.

I am hoping the movie had to go through massive cuts for the theatrical release, hopefully we will get a directors cut that will have and explain more.

(I also found Noomi Rapace annoying is fuck in this movie and the religion bit could have played with more.)

This too. It was ridiculous how much could have been avoided if all these "genius" scientists thought to let each other know about what is going on.

Characters just didn't behave like normal people, and I found it frustrating. Fassbender was good as the creepy, inhumane android, but the effect is diminished when everyone else acts like bland unemotional robots.

I saw that Wreck-It-Ralph thing, Bob...and like I asked on another forum, since WHEN is Zangief a bad guy?!? Actually...since it's Pixar, which still has some connections to Disney, and it's about video games, I will be VERY disappointed if we don't see a Tron or Kingdom Hearts based cameo.

1. If the Zangief thing is seriously the only gripe you can come up with to bash the movie, then you're trying too hard to find reasons to bash on the movie. Not to say that I think you're bashing the movie, but honestly, I'm getting tired of hearing about Zangief in EVERY discussion about the movie; and some people who bring it up are using it as a reason to say the movie is gonna be bad.

2. It isn't Pixar; Pixar is working on Brave, right now. Wreck-It Ralph is just Disney.

The most memorable thing about the whole film was David the android. Can't help but feel like in the original version of the film he was slated to become the ultimate antagonist (aside from the ALIEN itself), but was sidelined to make room for... not much really.

Another version of "Mr. Weyland" getting over himself? I've had that scenario shown to me so many different ways by so many actors in so many continuities I've long since stopped giving a shit.

IMHO Mr. Cameron, either make a prequel to ALIEN, or make a new sci-fi movie in a similar style. Because making 1/4 of an ALIEN prequel & 3/4 of a muddled atheistic sci-fi saga bogged down with superfluous characters isn't as good as either of those options.

Prometheus is crap people, save your money and don't bother, especially if you care about the Alien series. All it does is introduce a ton of plot holes and terrible acting. If you don't care about Aliens, then this will still not be worth it.

Now if only Universal would let Guillermo Del Toro do At the Mountains of Madness like he's been wanting to do for the last ten years. Hopefully Prometheus either tanks so badly that Universal says "we can do better", or Prometheus does really well, and Universal tries to cash in on their success.

Hawk of Battle:
Prometheus is crap people, save your money and don't bother, especially if you care about the Alien series. All it does is introduce a ton of plot holes and terrible acting. If you don't care about Aliens, then this will still not be worth it.

Honestly man, with that kind of attitude it's a wonder you enjoy movies at all.

"crap" is no where near accurate when describing Prometheus and you know it... Why don't you maybe keep your inflammatory opinions to yourself?

I enjoyed the film, I didn't think it was anywhere near as good as peeps were claiming it would be though.

I will say, however, that the emergency surgury scene was one of the most nail biting, WTF, scenes ive ever watched, I was shitting it for the entire sequence!

Great review, pretty close to my thoughts on the film as well. I felt slightly disappointed at some of the twists in the movie, but I think it's because of the expectations I had. The more I think about it, the more interesting the movie is becoming to me. I'm going to go see it again and I have a feeling that now that I don't have any preconceived notions, I'll like it even more.

I didn't think the acting was off at all. I like hidden agendas and sometimes awkward exchanges in sci-fi, since the characters tend to be alienated from normalcy in different ways. Look back at Alien, Blade runner, 2001, etc. All those movies had stilted conversations, but that kind of helped the strange atmosphere of the films and added a little ambiguity.

About the ending - I think Ridley Scott had balls by not explaining much. You think a two hour space adventure is going to give us the answers we've been looking for since we could record thought to paper? I like the ambiguity. But I am getting pretty pissed at the film industry's inability to make a movie with a "beginning, middle, and end", rather than a "beginning, action, brief resolution of the current action and hint at the story of the sequel".

All in all, I'm more impressed, conflicted, and intrigued by Prometheus than any other movie this year, so it satisfied me!

I went to the midnight release and I enjoyed it.

The only thing I didnt get was

If anyone could explain THAT to me I would appreciate it!

Is it wrong that every time I see a commercial for Prometheus I think of the last part of this video?


An overall dull movie that might have been worse if it wasn't an Alien prequel. But still bad plots with dull characters. If it weren't for the Alien prequel bit I'd probably be more offended by the overall concept.

Apparently humans on Earth being created in the image of an alien race which will now be defined as God. As all these fake ruins all agree about something being up there. Thus proving Evolution is false.... err.... "darwinism"....

But don't worry Christianity has to be true. Just because the main character kept the "faith" that it was true. Because if we had to hold on to where humans came from it might as well be a sexist / racist one that we stole from "God's chosen people" the Jews after they threw a certain part out. All about Adam who gives birth to his daughter Eve via his rib. Because we really like Jesus. Even though we can never truly be his followers because most of us can never be Jewish.

All Evolution is about is the diversity of life on this planet. How humans are related to apes, mammals, & so on. Not the false notions made by Theists that Evolution is about superiority. Which in itself is a bogus claim since they tend to believe we were created in the image of another being. And might be the only living creatures here to have "souls". (Even though there is no evidence for souls.) Now that's a real superiority complex from Theists.

I'm somewhat regret my long rant. And probably emphasizes why if I see a movie chances are I'm going call it a "brain off" movie. Especially since Science-Fiction is an Oxymoron.

Overall Terrible Movie. It's much more similar to dumb characters in zombie movies "28 days later" where they make stupid decisions and monsters kill them.

The sci-fi in this is very limited to just the aesthetics, it could easily be set somewhere else.

Characters are boring

Plot makes 0 sense

the CG is really good though.

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