Trailers: Beyond: Two Souls - E3 Trailer

Beyond: Two Souls - E3 Trailer

The developers behind Heavy Rain unveil their next title.

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First E3 trailer that actually looks interesting!
Let's hope it's orginal etc.!!! :D

From the people that brought you the longest quick time cutscene ever.

Still, it looks awfully neat, although the story has a bit of a Chronicle vibe.

Atleast the faces look better this time.

The odd disconnect between the the characters on screen and the voice acting stays firmly in place though.

...And I don't even like Ellen Page.

I wish Pegi would make up HER FUCKING MIND

I'm interested in this game, if only for Ellen Page, I desire her :P

First Reaction:

River Tam, the video game.

(AKA Freaking awesome!)


Split personality-esque character who is hopefully unique to ONLY her having powers. Yep that is my kind of story.

Well, without knowing more about the actual gameplay it's hard for me to get excited. Simply saying "hey look, our game has a story, and voice acting" is pointless to me, since it's expected. What I'm going to do with the game is what actually interests me.

That trailer could be any kind of mutant/horror/psychic/[insert genere here] lead in really. We've got some heroine who doesn't talk much, who has telekinetic powers, and might have amnesia or some other kind of personality disorder. It's not like we haven't seen that before.

To be honest I also thought of the split personality type thing Cricket Chirps mentioned, but given that "Elfen Lied" became a sort of international cult classic, it's been imitated in various sources for a while now, and really this playing "follow the leader" doesn't impress me much.

Hrm... I think its telling of how skewn my perspective is that I cant see game title with the word "Souls" in it, without at least initially expecting a new title out of From Software.

Or maybe just hoping.

First Reaction:

River Tam, the video game.

(AKA Freaking awesome!)

Just realized that connection, watching this trailer. Hardly the first, or last, to use that setup, but teenage girl with a surprising pathological and physiological condition is almost always a fun story to have told. And since it's Quantic Dream, I look forward to a very engaging narrative and characters that grow on me the more I learn about them.

Heavy Rain? Not a great pedigree, in my eyes.

After watching: oh boy, I really don't like Ellen Page's voice so seeing (hearing) her here wasn't helping me to want to buy the game. The gameplay seems like it's going to be another Heavy Rain and will be entirely too uninteractive. That combined with the lead voice actor has me officially done.

On the plus side, the facial animation looks phenomenal.

Is that cop the same guy who played Paco Mendez in Heavy Rain? You guys all know who I'm talking about; the creepy European pimp who makes you take your clothes off.


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