Escape to the Movies: Rock of Ages

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Well crap, and I just bought tickets to this (luckily it's Studio Movie Grill where I can at least drink beer during the movie). It's sad because I really like musicals too, here's hoping Les Mes isn't a train wreck too!

Still though, it has to be better than my home where my cable and internet are both out, right? ...Right?

Here you can also drink in cinema. Dutch cinemas sell booze.

The Great JT:
That's My Boy must've been that bad if it doesn't even warrant a discussion at the end.

A movie with Adam Sandler being bad enough for MovieBob not to talk about? How is that not surprising in the slightest. Just seeing that guy in movie sends up all the warning lights for me that I will probably hate every moment of it.

OT: I didn't expect much from Rock of Ages. I expected Tom Cruise might be fun to watch here, but that's about all I saw happening with it.

Honestly, I could care less about the plot. When I first saw the preview in theaters, it didn't even really try and show what the story is about other than "Rock! Rock! ROCK!" The music is pretty much the only reason I even want to see it.

I like how you say "Yackety-shmackety" during the "blah blah blah" scene. I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers Taz-Mania!

Wait, you can't drink at the cinema?! Oh what a world.....

Wait, whut? You can't drink at movies? Nobody told ME that!

I figured they cast the lead role by playing Rock Band with the stars and seeing who could actually sing the songs... now that I know I'm wrong, I will avoid this like the plague.

I'm really just tired of cash-in rock nostalgia movies. Especially for this time period in which post kiss rock music starting becoming garbage throw away pop music masquerading at rock. I didn't mean that to put kiss in any positive light. They were also garbage.

Who ever invented the jukebox musical should forced to listen to one-hit wonders for all eternity

Careful, they could write a musical about it.

The Great JT:
That's My Boy must've been that bad if it doesn't even warrant a discussion at the end.

It's the subject of this week's edition of Moviebob's Intermission column.

I was dissapointed to hear Rock of Ages (the movie) wasn't as good as it could have been. I heard the stage musical it's based on is a smash hit, too. Sounds like the antidote to the ear-poison of Mama Mia.

Maybe the bad acting/singing problem could be fixed by casting, you know, Broadway actors to be in movie adaptations of Broadway musicals.

Just a thought.

This movie was doomed the second Tom Cruise was cast.

Bob doesn't like Rock of Ages well that's a shock /s :)

I think i'll go put a bet on this breaking 300 million in 3 weeks worldwide since rule of thumb = Bob dislikes film, film makes loads of money (excluding comic book based films there he actually is mostly right).

Well 80s rock doesn't really seem important by itself, but placed within the larger context of society and music, the 80s was an important set up for the 90s. 80s rock was riding the cultural and economic boom from the 70s. People reveled in what was once the social taboos of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll; it was a decade long celebration because people thought they had finally won in terms of the social revolutions of the previous decades. Finally, no more social barriers! Life is good! But then the harsh realities of an AIDS epidemic and a continued social inequality for minorities came crashing down. Welcome to the grunge era of the 90s.

It's practically a 180 degree turn-around for music, to go from the high-flyin', life is good, feel of Guns-n-Roses and Van Halen to the harsh rhythms and low-key beats of Garbage, Nirvana, and The Smashing Pumpkins. And it's important to have that knowledge in order to understand why the culture turned so grim despite continued economic success.

So yeah, there's no real "dramatic" story you're gonna find in the music scene of the 80s (apart from probably the typical "can-he-make-it" story), but then I get the feeling this really isn't supposed to be a drama. I think this movie is supposed to be what the music of the time was supposed to be: one big party.

You... you watch movies at places where you're not allowed to drink?!

I do not envy any part of your job, Bob.

no post review eye catches?!
Bob,are you feeling okay?

Or was this all a plan so next week your eyecatches can be "was seeing if you guys were even reading these" or something to that extent.


Go and watch Almost Famous to understand exactly what the point of 70s rock music was. That movie was such a massive inspiration to me, and they actually wrote their own songs for it. (it's not a musical, so there's not many songs gien centre stage.)

I rarely agree with MB, but that does look every bit as terrible as he says it is

"At least you can drink at karaoke" XD

I laughed so hard. Great quote.

No 4th card tease? I am disappoint. BTW, I didn't want to see it simply because that hampster-tainted junkgrinder Baldwin was in it.

But... but... the credits...
I actually watched them twice to make sure I didn't blink too long and miss something.

Heh, same here. It's especially hilarious considering how people complained that they had to sit through the credits for those snippets of text when Escape to the Movies had just started.

Captcha: rolling stone

... You're fucking kidding me.

I got to see a preview on Wednesday. I saw the broad archetypes and I knew it would end on a high note. I didn't come in with high expectations. I still enjoyed it.

Sure it's not Oscar bait and follows the basic romance formula, but it's got satire pointed at the music industry and moral crusaders with a bit pointing back at itself as well as a high-quality soundtrack. I've never seen Russell Brand's work before, but he stole the show for me, even from Hey Man.

So just buying a 80s power ballad cd and getting hammered is better experience than seeing this movie? 'Cause I'm okay with that :D

Also nice nostalgia bomb with the Taz-Mania reference. I haven't heard that in years.

Well, at least I have a birthday party to attend. That, and I have some anime on my computer that I still need to watch. And the money that I will not use to watch this "movie" might end up going to buying "Trigun: Badlands Rumble". Winners all around.

How do you screw up Sex, Drugs and Rock&Roll ??

Hey movie bob you can totally drink at the movies all you need is a hipflask and the absence of self respect or dignity :D.

too bad. i heard that the musical it's based on is actually pretty good. but most of those people have told me that this movie is one of those "in name only" affairs. hell, cathrine zeta jones' character isn't even in the musical!
and whatever roll tom cruise plays, in the musical was kinda B grade and kinda knew it, where as tom cruise' rendition is just waaaaay too over the top in his "i am the greatest man who ever lived" schtik.

Most cinemas I've been to here in England are off-license. The idea of buying overpriced alcohol to drink in a cinema always felt slightly stupid to me. Can you not go without a drink for a few hours? Really? I know the drinking culture here is the most shared culture we have left, and so the average Brit goes through a bottle of wine before breakfast, but damn it.

Anyway, figured this was going to be pretty awful, won't bother dignifying it's existence by paying to see it. Still got Prometheus to see, and the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer could be quite dry funny, but if it's played straight, could be ass end ridiculous.

Gees Bob, more generalizations than normal & I gotta say I found your flip, simple-minded explanation of what 'rock' was about in each decade laughable, ridiculous & even a little offensive.
Never mind, I've said it before & I'll say it again, stick to what you're good at, talking about Movies, better not to talk about Music & Politics & other stuff.

Before clicking on the link to watch this video I got quite confused as to why Bob was doing a review of the video game "Rock of Ages".

Before clicking on the link to watch this video I got quite confused as to why Bob was doing a review of the video game "Rock of Ages".


Oh well, at least The Secret World of Arrietty and a few games will tied me over the weekend.

Damn, I've not seen that. Though apparently it's already been released in the UK. Must have been the most limited release I've ever heard of for a Ghibli film.

OT: I'm sad to not see any text at the end. Mainly just because I've gotten so used to it that it's a bit of a shame when it's left out.

It out on DVD in the US. I pick it up a few days ago and will watch it over the weekend.

I'm also sad that Bob didn't pick any text at the end of the video. i always love reading those.

I expect this movie to be bad, and yet I have a dilemma. I freakin' love classic rock. It's kind of worrying. 90% of my music list on my mp3 player is classic rock, and any movie that loudly proclaims it's playing Foreigner, Styx, and Jefferson Starship will grab my attention. It's going to be bad, but I'm going to have fun listening to it...

or maybe they sing the songs so bad they're destroyed for me forever.

I'll flip a coin.

I liked it for being dumb fun.


Well, I might give this one a go as I recently discovered that my local large cinema started selling bear.

Captcha: mish-mash

get the hell outta there! that place is a bloodbath waiting to happen! who would do such an irresponsible thing?!

I didn't think they could get any worse than "Across the Universe". That's the thing with these types of musicals, you should write a story first then fit songs to it, not let the music do everything and have the story loosely string it along. Part of the reason Moulin Rouge is the best of these "jukebox musicals" it didn't give a shit if the song was anachronistic for the period. If it fit, it was in the movie.


Go and watch Almost Famous to understand exactly what the point of 70s rock music was. That movie was such a massive inspiration to me, and they actually wrote their own songs for it. (it's not a musical, so there's not many songs gien centre stage.)

Seconded. That's the correct way to do a rock n roll movie.

Anvil: The Story of Anvil is also highly recommended. A documentary about an influential but ultimately unsuccessful heavy metal band, now in their 40s or 50s. It's got some real heart to it, something which 80s metal often profoundly lacks.

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