Unskippable: White Knight Chronicles II, Part 1

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Definitely one of the better ones! And mythbusters should get right on that, it'd make for an amusing episode.


What was your name back then?

I was San and I came from Fire server and moved onto Novus when the servers merged. I was a fairly prominent part of the community. And by that I mean I was a running joke. :P

I might recognize you.

You won't know of me in that case, I was on Lumen.

I was only ever prominent on a private server called EpicRF, if you were ever on there then you would probably know me.

This video was very confusing (aside from the hilarious commentary by Paul and Graham) but I am confused as to why this is on the PS3 when it looks like a Wii game.

Hey dude, protip: if some dude saves you from a stabbing by throwing a spear from another zip code a the dude trying to stab you, it's common courtesy to try to at least get the fuck out of his horse's way.

Captcha: I like humans. I'm on to you, captcha!

how is this game anything to do with a white night complex?

The "I was just trying to lift my hands to my face" bit cracked me up.

Evil Smurf:
how is this game anything to do with a white night complex?

I'm sorry, didn't you see that girl? My. god. "I will never be as strong a leader as my father or whatever the hell the archducky was", "protect me good knight while I make pathetic mewling noises in the corner!".

Man, its only Part 1 and I can already smell the stench of a boring game a mile away...

When the hell will Namco release any of the new the Tales games outside of Japan? I have FAR too MANY FPSs and American 'free roaming' RPGs this console generation on my shelf dammit!!

That blue knight kind of looks like the Blue Falcon.

I hope he gets a goofy robo-dog companion.

That "message for you sir" had me laughing for the rest of the video.

And why did you get a trophy in the opening cutscene?

Now what I like to do with titles like these is that I pronounce Chronicles like it was some ancient greek hero. Try it, hours of fun!

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